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Just Remember That Seeking Alpha is a Business

I watch a few folks on Seeking Alpha–let me repeat–I watch a few folks on Seeking Alpha. I say watch because I will take any good idea I can find, but honestly most folks on SA don’t write to help you and hear me out–they write to create revenue. I have no problem whatsoever with that, but I do have a problem with folks who are ‘experts’ in one area holding themselves out to be expert in everything–most of this based on quotes from Warren Buffett.

I had mentioned a month or so ago, that all the ‘heros’ on SA that mistook dart throwing luck for skill, would soon learn that owning stocks and bonds is not a 1 way street. The thrashings are now occurring. Some authors should feel very humbled right about now.

Everyone has to learn that SA is a business–it is about creating revenue–not about being right so use it for some ideas–don’t take anyone’s word on a ‘buy’. Do your own due diligence–don’t blame anyone else for your personal lack of homework.

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