Items We are Adding to the Site

In the course of the next week or 10 days we will add two new listings to the site.

1st for this weekend we will add a ‘Master List” of ex-dividend dates. This should be helpful to those who want to be apprised of ex-dividend dates–maybe for a dividend capture strategy. During the course of putting this together we found that good, timely and accurate data on ex-dividend dates is tough to come by and we have resorted to looking up each date individually, but we think we have a good plan to supply the data in an accurate way. We will present this “Master List” in a spreadsheet which readers can copy if they so desire, although if updates to the sheet are helpful one should simply have the original sheet in their google account so as we do weekly updates you will see the changes.

The 2nd listing we will do will be a ‘Master Listof all issues (baby bonds, preferreds etc) with investment grade ratings. I know some have desired such a list and right now we have ratings on just the CEF preferreds. It is likely this publication is 10 days away from now.

20 thoughts on “Items We are Adding to the Site”

  1. Thanks Tim for all u do. Great additions to have. I especially like the ex-div dates, it’s always a pain trying to pin down these dates.

  2. Merrill will not let me trade JPM.B today. I wonder if the call has been announced. It told me that it was an invalid ticker symbol. I already own a ton of it.

  3. Adding the ratings would be a great help, Tim. If they are unrated, would you consider adding your A-F rating if you have made one. Thanks!

  4. I am so glad I found this site, and (per Dave above) I have given the URL to two others who are likely to use it. Many, many thanks, Tim, for all your work.

  5. Fabulous Tim. Simply fabulous! Thanks so much for all the work you put into this site. Much appreciated.
    Are the daily hits on your site and the number of viewers growing? It would not surprise me.

    1. Hi Dave–thanks for your kind words.

      Yes I will post a chart of the traffic when I have a chance.

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