Interest Rates Spiking Higher on Jobs Report

The 10 year treasury is back in the 2.92% area after basing earlier in the week in the 2.70’s. Todays jobs report with over 220,000 new jobs and a 3.8% unemployment rate was strong and the wage component was a bit hot which may well portend the future of inflation.

The next hurdle for the 10 year treasury is the 3% area and we will just have to wait and see if it can slice through there. Of course part of this will depend on presidential actions on a number of topics–North Korea and tariffs.

4 thoughts on “Interest Rates Spiking Higher on Jobs Report”

    1. Hi DaveR–just went ex dividend for 46 cents yesterday–sure that is it.

      It doesn’t mature until 2027 so it does have a bit of interest rate sensitivity compared to those maturing earlier.

  1. I’m holding out for no rate increase in June.
    Uncertainty over an emerging trade war will give the Fed reason to pause.

    1. Hi Citadel–I think they go in June–but the out months are more of a question–just a guess of course.

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