Income Issues Stabalize–Equities Not So Much

12:50 PM CST

It is nice to see a pause in interest rate (10 year treasury) moves today even though it moved up to 2.88% overnight it has now settled down to the 2.82% area.

Bonds and Preferred stocks are flat to even up a tiny amount.  REITs which started the day off strong are now off by 1 1/2%.  We were so close to buying Whitestone REIT (NYSE:WSR), but fortunately managed to avoid acting too quickly which was good fortune as shares are down 24 cents–just goes to show there is no hurry to pick up some of the high yield issues.

I thought we had the stabilization correct on stocks as shares were very weak on the open, but by mid morning the DJIA was back flat.  Alas that didn’t hold and shares are off 400 right now.

As we review personal and model portfolios we don’t see anything too alarming–short maturities and term preferreds are hanging right in there.

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