In Case You Missed It – AG Mortgage OTC Ticker

As most that are interested already know the OTC Grey market temporary ticker for the new AG Mortgage (NYSE:MITT) 8% fixed-to-floating rate preferred is AGMGP. Shares traded in a range of $24.95 to $25.10 yesterday and closed at $25.10.

This ticker was announced after we published pricing.

4 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – AG Mortgage OTC Ticker”

  1. So, does anyone know if MREITS and REIT preferred dividends will receive the same 20% passthrough deduction that dividends from REIT common stock receive since the new tax law was enacted. They should, as they are still equity dividends, but I haven’t seen anyone discuss it specifically.

      1. Cool, it does list all the preferred divvies as eligible for the pass through deduction.

  2. It is now trading. I picked up some at $25.10. Thanks for the heads up.

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