HealthCare Trust Inc. Announces a New Perpetual Preferred

Non-publicly traded healthcare REIT Healthcare Trust Inc. (not to be confused with Healthcare Trust of America which is ticker HTA) has filed to sell a new issue of preferred stock.

The official preliminary prospectus has NOT been filed yet with the SEC, but the company press release can be found here.

Additionally the company has a new presentation filed with the SEC and it indicates a potential coupon of 7.375% on this new issue. The presentation can be found here.

I like the look of the coupon, but being non traded I am skeptical–more due diligence will be required before I have an interest.

EarlyBird got the worm again on this one posting it to the Reader Initiated Alerts page about an hour ago.

7 thoughts on “HealthCare Trust Inc. Announces a New Perpetual Preferred”

  1. I’ve looked at this issue and will likely pick up shares when they start trading. Balance sheet looks pretty clean and the preferred should be a decent holding, as long as investors keep shares in a diversified portfolio.

  2. The management team and external manager (AR Capital) of this company has a very checkered past. Michael Weil was at the helm of RCS Capital which went bankrupt and destroyed investors. This non traded REIT HTI has cut distributions numerous times as the NAV continues to erode. This is definitely not a high quality name…the pref. may trade ok because of the yield but for those interested do your due diligence.

  3. Thank you Tim. I had this confused with HTA and could not understand the conflicting information I was seeing and why HTI was referenced with no
    stock symbol.

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