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Headlines of Interest

Below are press releases from companys with preferred stock or baby bonds outstanding – or just of general interest.

CareCloud Logo_Blue.jpg

CareCloud Financial & Operational Update

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XAI Octagon Floating Rate & Alternative Income Term Trust Reaches $500 Million Total Managed Assets Milestone

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Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2023 Common and Preferred Stock Dividends

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MFA Financial, Inc. Announces Dividend of $0.35 per Share

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AXIS Capital Declares Quarterly Dividends

GEG Logo vF.jpg

Great Elm Group Reports Fiscal 2023 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financial Results


Kite Realty Group Trust to Report Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results on October 30, 2023

One thought on “Headlines of Interest”

  1. Don’t know if I’d jump into the common, but the Axis preferred divvy is looking secure as Axis continues to reduce its exposure to reinsurance in general and hurricanes in the Southeast in particular. (They even had a slide in the latest investor presentation. )

    Bond maturities are matching up with liabilities and the duration at 2.9 is short, There’s about a 2% yield differential between cost and value, but they expect to recoup it in 3 years at maturity. (Insurers are not like regional banks where all the nervous Silicon Valley tech bros in their Patagonia vests suddenly show up asking for their SPAC money and the 1% Treasuries need to be sold all at once.)

    The preferred is non-cum, so like they say on an airplane, be sure to look around for the Exit signs. Just my opinion. DYODD.

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