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Guest Writers Welcome

I have pondered for a while adding a ‘guest writer’ to the website. I know we have many writers (or as Seeking Alpha) calls them ‘analysts’ on the website and I would be happy to let them contribute to the site. I would limit the guest article to once per week.

The intent is to add some diverse opinion – hopefully on topics that add a little ‘spice’. For instance writing on business development companys and their baby bonds–or the CLO finance companys (Oxford Lane, Eagle Point Credit etc) and their baby bonds. I have high interest in these areas, but historically they have been dicier than what I invest in, although I have numerous holdings in the BDC baby bonds.

I am not trying to create a Seeking Alpha–that will never happen since we do not now, nor will I ever have a subscription fee. I want to add a little content with deeper dives into preferred stocks and baby bond issuers–that is all.

Pay–of course most folks want to be paid for their efforts. Pay is meager since we operate on donations only, but I would be willing to pay a modest amount. Additionally writers would be able to modestly ‘pitch’ their own investing groups elsewhere as a benefit.

If anyone has an interest please leave me a note in the comments. Please use your ‘real’ email when logging in to comments. (I can see that email–no one else can). Let me know what area you would write on and I will near to clear the topic before moving forward. I don’t plan to do much (if any) editing of any submitted article. I would hope the writer would be available to respond to comments etc.

23 thoughts on “Guest Writers Welcome”

  1. Hi Tim,
    Great idea for Guest Writers, and I think you already have them on the site as I learn a lot just by reading the comments from your many experienced investors.
    What I would like to see is a Rookies Categories where anyone that doesn’t understand something related to investing could post a question and get a easy to understand answer. A lot of new self taught investors are trying to learn but there is limited resources to get answer to specific questions.

  2. Tim…the first name I thought of after reading this topic is someone I consider to be the godfather of preferred income investing, Norman Roberts. Probably not gonna happen for a variety of reasons (and I’m not even sure Norm is still writing), but his contrarian approach to preferred investing is something more people should consider in this era of short term gains and dividend flipping.

    Here is a sample of his writing on SA: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4137070-qualities-all-investors-must-develop-to-succeed-in-market

    1. I’m not positive, but I believe he was banned from this site several years ago. My recollection is he was banned for violating the political comment rule.

      Below is a link to one of his blogs containing a sample of his penchant for including politics in his financial commentary. As he notes, he used to write for SA but was forced to quit that site as a result of his writings pertaining to the 2016 presidential campaign.


      1. Yes, I’m well aware that Norm let his political leanings bleed into his otherwise excellent financial commentary. However, in a situation where writers submit articles for review before they’re posted it would be easy to avoid that from happening. I’m also an optimist who prefers the term exile to banning, and think Norman would make a very good guest writer.

  3. Ha where is the line between conviction and promotion? We’ve had all types of ideas offered here, and some are clearly talking up their books. I’d say we take not just a grain of salt with ‘info’….. But a salt shaker to such ideas.

    It’s not just here. I’ve had legit ideas, like closed end muni funds, touted to me. Which are down like 50% since mentioned. Doesn’t mean it won’t work, just one better have a strong conviction to hold. I’m not even upset by what’s a mistake. I’m just upset when purveyors go mute and leave investors holding the bag with no commentary

    1. “Ha where is the line between conviction and promotion? We’ve had all types of ideas offered here, and some are clearly talking up their books. I’d say we take not just a grain of salt with ‘info’….. But a salt shaker to such ideas.

      I’m just upset when purveyors go mute and leave investors holding the bag with no commentary”

      Yeah, I agree with your sentiment. I much prefer organic discussion over touts and self promotion. And sorry, but in my experience most, albeit not all, people writing articles are touting their book. We see it all the time on SA where I would not trust 98% of them. And yeah, you can usually tell here when someone is talking up their book

      Give me honest and organic discussion anyday. You pay attention and you learn someone’s style, whether it is a match for you, their honesty, etc. You learn whether you can expect someone to follow up or go mute . If it ain’t broke, why fix it? JMHO

      1. Maverick61—don’t have to worry about touts and self promotions since I have to post any article and I am not doing promotional stuff.

        Of course we all ‘talk our book’–it is what we are most comfortable writing about–so I want someone to take me out of my comfort–maybe writing on mREITs or CLO finance companys–or some oddball issues. I know as much as anyone of preferred stock of closed end funds–bringing them to the forefront on SA way back in 2011–but I want something new or different. A conversation starter if nothing else.

        Plus we are talking about once a week max–and maybe only once a month so this won’t be a major change at all.

        1. Tim

          Thanks for the clarification. Especially the part about you wanting some writing on mReits, CLO Finance Companies, etc that you don’t delve into. A narrowed focus makes a lot of sense, especially if you are reviewing it before posting.

          My concern about talking one’s book was with the liquidity of an issue in mind. It is one thing to do so on a stock that trades at a decent volume per day and another that trades under say 5000 shares a day. I say this because many, many years ago I used to do some free lance writeups of common stocks for an investment site and one rule they had is that stock needed to have an average trading volume over 50,000 shares daily. They basically did not want their writers front running a low liquidity issue. Now of course I know most preferreds don’t reach that level so one would have to adjust

          Of course, if you went outside the preferred realm but still in the income generating arena of things like REITS, BDCs, or higher yielding common, liquidity would not be an issue there. Then again there is minimal discussion on these type of issues here so I suspect the overall interest likely is low in them probably because most seem too risk adverse even though I have found them beneficial over the long haul.

          Anyway, thanks for the clarification

          1. Mav, beware of people touting under 5.00 stocks also. I mentioned one on the common stock chat not because I was trying to lure people into a setup but because I wanted to share. I learned my lesson about the Rida style of promoting a stock over on a Canadian chat board with a mining stock. Very easy to manipulate a 1.00 stock The old saying if your sitting at a card game and your don’t see the sucker then it must be you.

    2. If you Prefer – always–always take everything with skepticism. But on the other hand don’t be afraid to use good ideas when they are laid out.

      The good part is we have folks that are very, very knowledgible here and long time participants–no reason they would disappear. On the other hand each and everyone of us is responsible for our decisions.

      Of course I will vet anything written and crazy stuff won’t show up–but solid ideas or points of view are good in any venue.

  4. Tim—on SA, a guy called (I think) Preferred Stock Investor would be a great addition. I’m not on SA anymore because i cancelled my subscription and they won’t let me read any articles whatsoever. Don’t know if he still writes for SA.

    1. Randy, He is with Trapping Value on Conservative Income Portfolio. Good pairing site I may add. Maybe the investing legend in his own mind PennYlessY can double dip. That guru’s portfolio value is smaller now than it was in 2019. How does anyone manage to accomplish such a feat as that?

      1. Grid—will take a pass on PennYlessY–not sure we could handle the number of argumentative comments he would post – probably would have to up my cloud storage.

    2. randy – I know he does cruise the site and I would welcome him to give us a bit of his wisdom and opinion. Probably keeps pretty busy with his own stuff.

  5. Would be a good thing as long as they are writing unbiased analysis and not sales pitches. Will it be restricted to people you cleared?

    1. Absolutely Martin – just looking for a little variety of opinion–not looking for a Brad Thomas type sell job.

  6. Hey Tim. Not sure I’m a good writer, but this seems fun, and I currently have some extra time in my hands.

    1. Are you the Maine Reader that was on Richard Lejeune’s site? That person always had great insights.

      1. Nope!

        Just a fixed income junkie who likes to learn, share and debate.

        And trying to avoid doing stupid stuff, that’s half the battle!

        1. Maine, I have always found your insight welcome. Think Tim has a good idea here. The pay is the reward of helping fellow investors.
          I was offered a no comp job once to review and write a wine blog for a grocery chain called Grocery Outlet. Turned it down as I wasn’t up to doing weekly reviews.

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