Global Partners OTC Grey Market Symbol

For those that may be interested the OTC Great Market symbol for the new Global Partners 9.75% fixed-to-floating rate preferred units the ticker will be GLPRU.

The symbol is not yet showing up on eTrade or Fidelity.

16 thoughts on “Global Partners OTC Grey Market Symbol”

  1. I too jumped in with 300 @ $24.80. I’d be surprised to see it go much lower and don’t feel like wringing my hands and sweating over trying to save a dime or so.

    1. Leonard, I think this one will be fine near term for us. Heck if oddball Chicken Soup is already well over par already, this one should climb also.

    1. TD Ameritrade sold me my 400 shares immediately at $24.80 after I tried $24.76 for 5 minutes.

  2. I jumped in as the front running rabbit with 400 shares of GLPRU at $24.80. Wasnt going to try to get bottom penny. If dicey Chicken Soup is already well above par, this is worth a shot.

    1. Hi SPM–yes I am seeing the same. I have had ETradePro off and on and now don’t have it set up–but that is fine. I think I want a taste of this one, but waiting until tomorrow is just fine with me–like to see some volume cross the tape so the pricing settles out a bit.

  3. Was unable to find the GPLRU listed on Fidelity or Etrade when I checked around 3:30 PM EST. I don’t have EtradePro installed on my m/c.

  4. No problem Tim. The OTC venue with a new issue, especially the first day, is often very sporadic with some orders being filled, while others are not. It’s just the luck of the draw in most cases. It’s also a risky venture as I have bought OTC shares in the past, only to see the price drop below my price when it hits the big board. That being said, I “think” this issue will not do that, but will command an above par price quickly. I also have found that new issues are pretty safe for the first year, in general. We’ll see.

    1. NOTE: it is showing up under the Etrade Pro screen but when i tried to buy some, it says symbol does not appear to be valid. This happen once before and they quickly updated their list to include the new symbol.

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