Gladstone Land Increases Common Dividend

We always like to see dividend increases of the common shares of those companies with outstanding preferreds. Those increases can be of any size–as long as they are moving higher I am happy.

REIT Gladstone Lane (LAND) has announced an increase in their monthly distribution. The old rate was 0.445–the new rate is 0.446. It is almost a ridiculously small increase. So for every 100 shares you get an extra penny each month.

Well I did say I like to see dividends move higher–I guess it moved higher.

4 thoughts on “Gladstone Land Increases Common Dividend”

  1. The paltry dividend increase is silly. I understand when companies increase their dividend a very small amount to extend a streak (Nucor, for example) but this is really odd.

  2. Hi Tim
    That is exactly what the WC Carey Reit has done for years. Minute dividend increases multiple times, but they do add up. I do not own it at this time. ‘ A penny here, a penny there ‘ !

    1. Howard–yes I know others do it. Just struck me this morning as a bit silly.

      1. Tim- your point is a good one. I have invested in Realty Income common stock for three decades and they do these minute increases regularly…and I have been richly rewarded. The point is you like to see the signal that business is improving rather than the same are getting worse. It’s a signal, but not an insignificant one.

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