GasLog Partners Reports Earnings

GasLog Partners (NASDAQ:GLOP) has report earnings for the quarter and year ending 12/31/2018.

On a non-GAAP basis revenue and earnings both climbed as did distributable cash flow.

The company also raised their common unit dividend by 2 cents to 55 cents/share. A small ($25 million) common share repurchase program was put in place as well.

The preferred shares are reacting well this morning with gains of 50 cents to a buck.

The companies press release can be found here on the Gaslog Partners website.

5 thoughts on “GasLog Partners Reports Earnings”

  1. Bob
    It owns stuff that floats around. Make sure the proverbial truck can drive under water to get loaded. My truck is not good for that. Good luck to those who venture in.

  2. Another proof the market is unbelievably inefficient regarding pricing of preferreds. They should be very close to par instead they dropped like troubled companies just pushed down by supply and margin calls.

    1. Yes Gabriele it is fairly inefficient, but I think there is more to it than just inefficiency. This entire sector is ‘out of favor’ at this time–doesn’t matter what the financials are etc–sometimes sectors are out of favor regardless of fundamentals. In this case it is simply that ship owners have shown over years to be unable to operate their businesses long term in a profitable manner.

      1. Tim, unlike Michael Boyd who is in cohort with J Mintzmeyer et. al. a group of SA writers which makes Rida et. al. look almost decent, Power Hedge, a SA PRO writer who seems to have given some useful on shippers and awful energy MLP’s if I recall correctly has just posed the following article describing why GLOP and its preferreds all gapped up. Apparently GLOG, which Power Hedge follows is their British holding company. Just like GLNG (holding general partner which pays very low dividend) then GLMP (common daughter with ridiculously HUGE pro forma dividends), I made HUGE costly mistake following Karen Finerman of FAST MONEY, MBA from the Wharton School of Biz and got BURNED (I believe that it would take 5- 10 years to get my original investment bought close to $25), Then GNLPP (preferreds with Form 1099 just like Glop Preferreds), very large cap; but needing money to pay their new ship.

        I do worry about the Trade War against China, which has been reported as the biggest risk on these shippers, perhaps except GLOP preferreds. I saw some nervous debate on CNBC awaiting the biggest risk of J Powell’s speech. They all are hoping and praying to hear PATIENCE and dovish talk. Most believe that the Feds SHOULD take global slow down into consideration while their mission is for USA ONLY. Many opined that no nation can stand alone on an island. So true IMHO.

    2. If you fancy yourself a contrarian, here’s an opportunity. If you think the market has it wrong, back up the proverbial truck.

      Personally, I think the market has it right.

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