GasLog Partners New Preferred OTC Symbol

The GasLog Partners new fixed to floating rate preferred is to trade on the OTC Grey market under ticker GLOUF.

We do not find it on eTrade or Fido at this moment–patience is needed.

19 thoughts on “GasLog Partners New Preferred OTC Symbol”

  1. FWIW, Fidelity now apparently routes this to an American exchange? and no longer adds $50 fee. I’ll be curious to see if they’ll allow purchase once it’s on NYSE w/ permanent symbol.

  2. These new issues usually are tradeable in my accounts at TDA within a day of my reading about them. I have never had a commission in excess of their standard $6.95. In fact I have negotiated a much lower fee with them

  3. Schwab is now setup to trade GLOUF. I was able to pick up some shares at $24.50. No surcharge just standard $4.95 commission.

  4. I have Etrade and Schwab. E-trade better than schwab for having new issues posted. Sometimes I have to call schwab and go thru a 20 minute call before they can find a new issue. Only plus for schwab is on K1 they will handle if you mail them the K1 when received.

  5. Available on Fidelity this AM…with a $50 surcharge as on a foreign exchange. Not available online at Wells Fargo Advisors.

      1. Thanks. I’m glad I stumbled on your new site, wondered where in the ether you were hiding.
        I’m not on Etrade, but I could use a rundown or advice on best brokers for baby bonds and F-F preferreds. I’ve been w Fidelity since late 70s when I could get 15% on money market; also they have my workplace retirement, so mostly easy to work with. But they generally don’t allow online purchase of baby bonds (even ones I have in my account that I could buy previously(?!), same with most FtF preferreds, for reasons I can’t fathom). Once this one goes on NYSE, the $50 surcharge will disappear, but I’m guessing they won’t allow purchase (and the price will likely be higher).
        Been w Wells since 80s when that was the only way to get direct deposit from work, and I get a number of free trades, but they have some drawbacks.

        1. I purchased GLOUF this morning on Fidelity at $24.50, I did not see a $50 surcharge? I do still have free trades so maybe the $50 surcharge was waived?

          1. I bought as well since other three broker accts would not allow placing order. Did not spot the $50 commission. It was actually $54.95. The warning shows up during review but doesn’t catch attention. I called to request it be waived. Rep mentioned: “its a foreign transaction and nothing he could do.” He offered free trades … but not foreign free trades 😎
            After discussing that Marshall Islands is a USA state, not a foreign state, I asked to speak to supervisor, who did waive it.
            FWIW: GLOP-B is IMO on sale under par and XD is circa 7 Dec.

            1. Let me clarify re: GLOP-B: it is just an observation on GLOP-B’s share price since GLOP-C’s announcement and terms thereafter. I am not qualified to give advice nor suggest anything so please do your due diligence. In fact, I have many investment scars and know little. Tim and the gurus posting on this site are the ones to heed.

        2. Glad I found this site as I really appreciate the information and insights shared here.
          I purchased GLOUF through Vanguard this morning at 24.50 and $50 surcharge. I’ve never had a problem trading preferreds, baby bonds, etc. and have not had to call in (except initially). And I’m very satisfied with the 2.2% rate on my settlement account.

        3. Carl…Merrill Edge allows you to on-line trade all the issues that Fidelity has on their restricted list. I moved some money over this past summer for that specific reason and have been reasonably satisfied.

          Free trades (and a bonus) if you qualify, but the interest rate on their sweep account is pitiful by comparison. I’m also told that Fidelity has a much more robust bond trading platform.

          1. I was really happy with Merrill Edge until recently. It is a long story but they closed my account because I was holding a note that I had held with them for years. Very happy until then, but that event and all of the errors they made concerning it were the worst experience I have ever had with a company of any sort.

            I was almost left with no way to move my daughter’s trust funds.

            Yes, Fido and Vanguard are far better on bonds. But I will miss Edge’s preferred trading and platform on the accounts I was forced to move.

            1. I have 3 brokerages and would love to consolidate into one. This would mean going to TD since my HSA is trapped there. But they gave an online friend who moved money there all sorts of crap over moving his illiquids to them. I have illiquids that make his look liquid. So I guess I will just leave it all the way it is to avoid the battle.

              1. I have multiple brokers due to SIPC limits by SS#. Of course if it really hits the fan, SIPC may not help much.

  6. Schwab is not able to trade GLOUF yet because they did not have the symbol setup yet. I have them working to see if they can get the setup done so I can pickup some shares

    1. Thanks Keith–you would think after all these years of Grey Market trading these folks would have their act together on these things–NOT.

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