Gabelli Dividend and Income Preferred OTC Ticker

The OTC Grey market ticker for this new issue is going to be GDVVP.

The NYSE ticker will be GDV-H.

We have not checked our brokers to see if it is trading as of yet.

26 thoughts on “Gabelli Dividend and Income Preferred OTC Ticker”

  1. Vanguard fixed income desk gave me a last trade of 25.10, but no bid/ask and said no market maker was trading it yet and advised me to try again tomorrow…

    1. Vanguard said its market maker businesses will not provide until tomorrow. Took the info needed so tomorrow they will call when available. I will place limit order and if meant to be -fine.

  2. Fidelity doesn’t recognize the symbol. I contacted them and they now have their back office team researching the issue. I’m not sure why I need to ask. They did figure out it is trading OTC now, so that’s a start. I would expect brokerage firms to be on top of new additions and be proactive.

    1. Fidelity says GDVVP will be available tomorrow. They tried to do it today but were unable.

      1. Looks like Fidelity is a day late and a few dollars short. That’s disappointing considering I do the majority of my investing with Fidelity. Likewise Rob, I would expect a major broker such as Fidelity to be all over new issues like white on rice…

      1. The more I look, the more I’m sure both TOS and QO are wrong…. GDVVP is correct temp for Ser H

    1. QOL does tie GDVVP to the Series G but it says
      Previous Ticker Symbol: GDVVP Changed: 7/05/16

      QOL is not listing the new issue yet on their Special Lists – IPO’s of Preferred and Income Securities list.

      Fidelity and Etrade do not recognize the symbol as of this moment.
      freerealtime is showing trades going through:

    2. There was a mix up when I called TD and the trade desk WAS quoting GDVVP alt Series not new H. Explained and they said a call back was nec.

  3. Are GDV pfds Tax exempt? Quantumoline says they are Variable. Should they be purchased for a Taxable or Tax exempt account. I am thinking Taxable as some portion of the distribution is tax exempt.

    1. I own 2 CEF preferreds from Gabelli and 2 from Allianz Global. The mix of qualified income / non-qualified income / return of capital paid, seems to fluctuate each year and is impossible to predict. I would expect similar from this new issue.

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