Fun Fact Friday

You know my appraisal work is slowing down (finally) when I do “Fun Fact Friday”.

1 item I watch is – how are folks accessing the website? I do this because there are things that can be done to optimize the site for different devices for instance for accessing on phones requires some different programming (at least that is what Chad tells me).

Below is a chart showing how people are accessing the site.

No surprises here–at least to me. Desktop is very slowly trending down–it was maybe 75% a year ago and now it is around 71% (over the last 90 days). What it shows is that us folks are at a desk with a desktop computer on it–we are mostly not on our phones trying to read tiny print–only in an emergency do I personally use my phone to access the web–actually I do access a ‘watch list’ with my Apple watch when I am out and about–Minnesota has become a hands free state while in your car so I try to follow the law.

Also the ‘time of day’ that people come to the site remains fairly static-here is a chart.

You can see that during the hours of 8 am until around noon things are pretty busy and while it tails off all day long after noon it remains active right up until midnight. Weekends are quiet–we got stuff to do so we leave our investing until Monday I guess. So if you are on the site during the week to midday you are likely in the company of 500-1000 people most of the time—if it is the weekend maybe only 100 folks are on site.

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  1. Buongiorno Tim, tieni conto per le statistiche che chi, come me , si collega al sito dall’Europa lo fa con 6 ore di ritardo rispetto all’orario east coast.

  2. My earliest computer experience dates back to using an old DECwriter II teleprinter (no CRT), with the green and white fan-fold paper with the perforated edges. We used to run statistical analysis software programs on it. Those DECwriters eventually got replaced by a plethora of IBM PC/XTs with Intel 8086 micro-processors and Seagate hard drives, which were deemed more reliable. Made good money investing in Seagate Technology back then.

  3. I bought my first desktop in 1982….a Radio Shack…with a floppy disc about 8 inches square….I remember doing financial reports on this thing….I’d enter maybe 100-150 line items and push the process button….come back 30 minutes later….now it takes about two seconds to do the same thing….I paid $3000 for that computer…

    1. When i started programming for Honeywell in the 70s i used to start a compile on a 600 line program and go to lunch as it took 20 minutes on a mini computer. Now my desk top will do that in about a second.

      1. Compiler brings back memories.
        I learned RPG in 1969, Compiler and Assembler cards went into one “Hopper”
        and my program that i punched on 80 column cards went into the other hopper. Out would come machine language program *.* Wow. Fun times if you didn’t fall into a loop, then it was the red toggles to reset the IBM 360 .
        Programmed the Model 3 as well as the Tabulator.

    2. Craig–I started on a Commodore Vic 20 and 64. Separate floppy drive that I left the lid off of so I could fiddle with the head all the time to make it read. Used to access DJ News service back then for $1/minute—I would burn up $100’s of dollars/month.

    3. Right. I have very front memories of sitting at an IBM punch card machine for hours on end and then running them through the reader 50-60 times before all the cards would run and the program would compile successfully.

      I also recall my very first equity trade. Fees and commission took about 10% of the trade.

      Kids today have no idea.

      1. I was so lucky my parents bought me a brand new “state of the art” Apple IIe to start college as a freshman (other freshman would come to my door just so they could see it) and had a dot matrix printer that was so loud it would wake the kids in the room adjoining mine. At college, I proudly use to carry huge boxes of punch cards around the college, I’d carry them to the “computer center” as my college was one of the only schools to have some new type of new “main-frame” that I believe 60 Minutes did a story on. My current Apple Watch probably has more computing power than those computers could have ever dreamed of.
        Voltaire said “ The mirror is a worthless invention. The only way to truly see yourself is in the reflection of someone else’s eyes.”
        Be good to each other, Nomad

  4. What is a desk top? Is that those old things that have a monitor like a little tv and a type writer keyboard attached to it?

    1. Grid,

      A desk top is the heavy piece of formica covered wood that you launch your CRT’s off of into the floor and then throw your key board and mouse on top of whenever you see that little hourglass just spin and spin and spin and spin – which happens right before you start cursing absurdly loud.

      RIght? Remember now? lol

      1. A4I, When I worked more than once, I picked up the keyboard and broke it over the desk. I at least new it was the cheapest part to replace, ha.

  5. Thanks for the info Tim. I find I am visiting the website more and more often. Such a treasure trove of information from you and all of your readers.

    I know you and I have discussed the U-Haul investors club in the past. I continue to transition my Lending Club proceeds into U-Haul. With declining interest rates I am a big fan of the 2 year notes at 3%. A no-brainer for me.

    Have a great weekend…

    1. Thanks Gary–it is quite amazing that civil users bring such of a wealth of info to all of us.

      Yes–uHaul–it is just ‘new money’ that we are putting in there–just hit $20,000 in there and I am very impress after about 18 months. The furthest I have gone out is 8 years–with the biggest bunch in the 2 year 3% – maybe interest rates will be clearer in a couple years.

  6. Tim, it might be fun to look at stats by seasons or month of the year. Is traffic heavier during the cold, stay in the house, winter months vs the out an about summer months. Obviously I am a retiree and avid golfer who lives in the cold north.

    1. LarryL–yes that is something I look at from time to time–so you are in the cold north so like me won’t be spending too much time outside for the next 5 months–and traffic will likely reflect that.

  7. Tim, it’s OK to let all the FUN facts out… Traffic drops off significantly after 2pm cuz Grid and 2WR have to have nappy time to get ready for supper!

    1. What is supper?? Until I got to Tennessee we never had supper, we had dinner. But more often than not, down here dinner is lunch and supper is dinner. Man, I’m so confused I need another nap….

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