Fun Fact Friday

Time for a few facts that may or may not be ‘fun facts’.

This site now has 15,000 users and of that number about 4,000 are very active.   Many folks just stop by once or twice a month while the 4,000 very active folks stop in 3-5 times per week.  All of this traffic stems from the 1 link left for Gridbird 10 months ago as we wrote about in October.

The most popular time of day for folks to be on the site is between 8 and 10 am.  Makes sense to us.

The most popular pages on the site are about as expected.

The Master List Page is the most used (and it really isn’t a page but a spread sheet).

Next is the Preferred Stock Page by Share Price Loss

We have only had 1 person that we have had to ‘ban’ from the site.  I think we all know that we leave most all (90%) of our political views behind when on the site.  I know we have some very diverse views on the politics of the nation, but the 1 person we banned was ALL about politics.  We really don’t have the ability to totally ban some one, but we can catch items and delete them and/or put their comments on a ‘review’ basis.  Since we don’t have time to go through all of the comments if anyone notices anything please leave a message on any page and there is a chance I will see it.

Our initial goal was to have 25,000 users–and we didn’t really define how many active users would be reasonable–maybe 10,000?  We know from the past that we will not be happy when the goals are met–it’s kind of like retirement money–you can never have too much.

38 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday”

  1. Thanks and more thanks from me as well, Tim.

    I’ve been coming to the site since the ‘early days’ when Grid told me about it.

    Would be happy to contribute to the site in a manner similar to how QOL accepts payments to defray the costs of hosting and tech support. They don’t overtly ask for people to pay, yet appreciate those who would consider contributing to defray costs. I know you’re trying to stay away from certain aspects of monetizing the site, however, many of us would be happy to mail a check to help with these types of things. It’s the least we could do I feel.

  2. Good work. Is grid getting pay-per-click?

    More seriously, when I search “preferred stock investing” or similar, you don’t come up. If you did some SEO you might increase the numbers.

    1. Bob, I think we need to tell Tim, clicks dont pay anything without some sort of advertising linked to it. Im going to let you break it to him, because I dont want to upset him that no check is coming. 🙂

      1. Ha–been that route and I don’t think the advertising thing is ever going to happen. When you put ads up you invite all google and the rest to swipe as much stuff about the traffic etc. So I probably won’t go that route ever.

        I was paid over a quarter of a million on the old site for advertising, but the payment per click was (is) heading sharply lower as facebook and amazon suck in all the ads.

        If you run ads that is less space for something else–and I hope to squeeze more in – not less.

    2. Thanks ok Bob-in-DE I have done no SEO to speak of—but on a large share of the preferred stock and baby bond search terms you will get either ‘dividendinvestor’ or ‘innovativeincomeinvestor’. All of those dividendinvestor results are from my stuff–the old site where I pretty much ruled the SEO. Search these and bunches of others.

      baby bond list–dividendinvestor is #1 and innovativeincomeinvestor #2.
      Monthly paying preferred stock–dividendinvestor #1 Innovativeincomeinvestor #3

      When the time is right–when I have the time — I will rule the SEO space on all important keywords–it is the 1 technical thing I think I know that the others don’t seem to.

      Right now about 40% of the traffic is coming from organic search

  3. Hi Tim, Thanks and congratulations on an excellent site, which I check few times a day. Great content, balanced approach and cool headed judgment from you and many contributors in the comments section. In fact this site is better than many that charge fees.

  4. Will add my appreciation to the many comments above – thank you, Tim.
    I check in often and have found this site to be very useful and informative, thanks to your work, and the contributions of many.


  5. Wow Tim. 4000/15,000! That’s incredible in such a short time. Yet it still feels like of roomful of friends. Perfect! Oh and p.s. it is with gratitude that I and I’m sure the other 14,998 thank you for the -1.

  6. Congrats Tim. Well done. Sounds like reaching 25,000 visitors should be accomplished in no time. I like the cool headed insight from yourself and your readers who post comments.

  7. Thank you im for this new site.. like the old Yield Hunter, I check in almost daily.. as a full time caregiver for an elderly parent, have a lot of time on my hands here at home. Not much of a pfd/baby bonder myself although i do monitor them for a bargain. I guess the Urstadt Biddle G’s are top of my list now being under par and about 7% yielding.. like you i am skeptical of current yields w the FED runoff in bal sheet, corp debt and probably at least 2 more FED increases on the horizon in next 6-9mo.

    I miss the expanded coverage of CEF’s REITs, MLPs and Canadian income issues from your old site ( don’t bother w the site you sold it value there imo).. w MLP’s turning into “utilities” again like they were pre-fracking and currently being mostly out of favor, those income issues may settle down into being worthwhile buys. I know that would be a LOT to cover..

    I did really well following up on those issues you put in your portfolios . Maybe when you retire fully you will think about adding more income coverage…or just move to Tahiti and enjoy the efforts of many years of hard work!!
    Anyway thank you again!

    1. Hi Bea–it WILL expand. In case you missed it I hope to move into retirement to a large degree next year–of my real work thus being able to add much more on here.

      With 3 ” of snow on the ground this morning I have to always consider Tahiti–they have internet there as well.

      Thanks for being here.

    1. Hi Andy–your payment is to tell someone else that might contribute good comments to the site to ‘check it out’.
      Thanks for being here.

  8. Tim, you have done an outstanding job building this site in both its incredible content and forming a great sharing investing community. I look forward to your topic posts and the comments section. I’m sure Innovative Investor has a bright future, Nomad

  9. Tim – I find this site very useful and am not at all surprised that many others feel the same. Appreciate what you are doing.

  10. Hi Tim, I remain optimistic in getting some CEF pfds eventually. CEFS with higher yields tend to be above par and past call date. The yields of CEFs under par do not seem to even scratch 5.65% (except for NCV and NCZ). I often check the list of CEFs in your “Preferred Stocks of CEFs” page; it is very useful.
    Allow me to reciprocate an iota. I checked the ratings in Moody website. It appears that the ratings of five CEFs should be updated in your website. I suggest checking ratings CEFs list and under the CEF’s respective chart (near III rating) for these five tickers (with their current Moody rating):
    BCV-A A1
    GGT-B A2
    GGT-E A2
    GGN-B A2
    GAM-B A1
    Thank you again Tim. I appreciate your website and all the useful information.

  11. Tim

    Glad to see we’re getting a fair number of users regularly on the site. I find your work, and the comments that follow to be very helpful.

  12. Tim, you may need several technicians soon… Your reaching critical mass now…The people who are here, are spreading the word. Because its a great site!

    1. Grid–thanks–unfortunately I think I pay $100/hour for my tech work–so with all my revenue it may be a stretch to get to several.

      By the way I see someone paid $15 Southern Bancshares preferred–did you sell them 200 shares?

      1. Yes, actually 300 were sold. I hope to keep the rest, mostly just because, lol.
        I actually know the person who bought them. I didnt really want to, but they are going to a good home to be taken care of properly, lol….We keep saying some sort of subscription model is in order here! 🙂

  13. Wow Tim, I had no idea there were so many users of this website. Glad to hear so many people are finding your information helpful. Hopefully the number of users continues to grow and we will benefit from learning from one another. This site and the comments are much more useful than Seeking Alpha, where many of the contributors are posting articles/services just to provide themselves with personal income – as it appears that investment returns are not as important to the writers over there.

    1. kaptain–I wish more would participate in comments etc, but it is pretty normal to have folks just be users and not comment.

      1. Yes. More comments please. Like 1 good idea per year from each of the 4000 active users. Even penetrating questions are helpfu. Gridbird’s been doing his part…

        1. Yes Roger–just a few super ideas a year from anyone–makes all the work worthwhile.

      2. Tim – I’ve found the same to be true with the couple of articles I have written on Seeking Alpha. However, I’ve really found it beneficial to join the conversations as I can normally learn information from some of the other investors.

        1. kaptain–you know we all learn from each other–really that is the crux of things–conversation and data.

  14. Congrats on your well deserved success Tim!

    As you are tuning things up you might want to look at your notification function. I am using Chrome and for some reason it will not work for me even though I have notifications turned on for your site. It worked on the old site, and it may have initially worked here so it may just be something wrong with my system, but I thought I would mention it in case others are experiencing the same problem.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for being such a good resource for the rest of us!

    1. Hi Scott R–that is on my list–it should work on Chrome as that is what I use and it works–but I think it could be better and will be exploring further.

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