Franchise Group Inc to Sell Preferred

Franchise Group (FRG), an operator of franchised businesses, has announced a new offering of cumulative preferred stock.

The issue will be cumulative and qualified.

I am not familiar with this company, but it looks like they operate vitamin stores, sell furniture and has a tax preparation business. Obviously plenty of due diligence needs to be done on this issue.

The preliminary prospectus can be read here.

mcg was on top of this one with EarlyBird chipping in with ‘yield talk’ around 7.5%.

2 thoughts on “Franchise Group Inc to Sell Preferred”

  1. I have not researched the company yet, but it does appear they own the Liberty Tax preparation business, which is similar to (but smaller than) H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. If I recall correctly, Jackson Hewitt filed for bankruptcy about 10 years ago, but reorganized and still continues to operate.

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