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    Dave in Texas

    There are dozens (probably hundreds) of stock-recommendations newsletters.  Anyone familiar with Zacks, good or bad?  I’ve used their free info a bit, even bought a little of a couple commons I had been watching because Zacks had them as a #1.  (Results, so far quite good.)  I’m wondering if it might be worth subscribing.

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    I usually ignore Zacks entirely.

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    Tim McPartland

    Dave–you win the price for the 1st post.

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    Tim McPartland

    Thanks for jumping in and trying this out xerty.

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    Let’s see how this new fangle thing works.

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    Use the Zacks rank as an input into my stock selection system as so many people rely on it solely for stock picks.


    What I have found is the 3 or 6 month momentum affects how the stock is ranked more than the fundamentals.

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