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    Thanks to Tim for setting up the forum! Hoping to discuss solid stocks with good dividends, less percentage than most preferred but trying to get the best of both worlds here: dividend plus growth possibility or just a good dividend w/out loss of capital. Would love to hear some suggestions. Here are a few I like/own:

    T, PM, AVGO (may be a little late to get in), MPW (a REIT that is overlooked but has excellent management), TFC.

    Looking for other ideas.



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    John McPartland

    One of my favorites is Principal Financial group. PFG    Dividend around 4%

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    Here’s a short list of what I added to in 2020… note some of these were at much more attractive prices.

    Financials: JPM, PRU, UNM
    Inflation plays: CVX, KMI, NEM, NTR
    Consumer: MO, PM, PEP
    Infrastructure: T, VZ, PPL, ED
    Healthcare: GSK
    REITS: WPC, UBA, BFS, REG, SLG (most bought at much better prices)

    Next round of cash will likely be GSK/BMY/MRK, CVX/NEM/AEM, and a few Japanese stocks

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    martin g

    I bought a little XOM when it recently fell below 40.

    WPC is a good one unless you want to diversify away from real estate.

    MAIN is considered the best BDC.

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    I’ve spent quite a bit of time on BDCs, and subscribe to a specialized services that focuses only on BDCs, and I own the following:


    These are substantial holdings for me (15%).

    I’m focused on lower risk (NAV, non-accruals, consistent div coverage, size of platform) and tend toward the lower end of the risk spectrum.  I passed on MAIN.

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    I have been using the Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF VYM.  FWIW their top holdings are:


    2. JP Morgan

    3. P&G

    4. Verizon

    5. Comcast

    6. BofA

    7. Coca Cola

    8. Merck

    9. Pepsi

    10. ATT


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    Dave in Texas

    I thought about VYM, as suggested by 2Chinooks, however I ended up picking 3 or 4 of their Top 10 that I liked, instead of buying the whole cartload.  (AT&T with a 7% yield is pretty hard to pass up.)

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    Hoosier in Texas

    I recommend ED for a safe regulated utility play yielding 4.5% now.  Well below 52 week highs. 2-3% annual dividend increase. Dividend well covered by free cash flow.  Fear of a NY population exodus tamping down the price.  Respectfully,

    – Hoosier

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    I saw a lot of repeats of my holdings in the above lists.

    Last year I started buying into the midcap banks as the yields were much better than the big boys.   I own PBCT (Aristocrat), KEY, ASB, PEBO, TFC, TD.   Largest holding is still JPM, but TFC right behind them.

    On the utility front have DUK, SO, PNW, EIX, D, PPL as well as a few small ones – ALE and AVA.  Collectively, these are nicely above 4%.



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    I am in the process of liquidating my current common stock portfolio.  The Fed’s pledge of monetary support last March was the buy signal and now the Fed’s discussion about when it’s appropriate to taper the asset purchase program is a major step toward a sell signal. However, there is one group of stocks that pay good dividends in which I want to establish a large exposure — electric utilities. A big potential negative exists in that electric utilities typically perform poorly during periods of rising interest rates. However, at this time, I think there are two potential catalysts working in favor of the group. First, many electric utilities stand to benefit from Biden’s green energy policy. In addition, the increased use of electric vehicles should increase revenue over time. Finally, electric utility stocks have been under pressure for over two months, so at least some of the expected interest rate increases are already discounted.

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