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    Citadel West

    Here ya go Grid…have at it

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    I will say that I read SA and I follow guys like Rida and Brad Thomas.  I don’t subscribe to anything there.

    For me it serves the purpose of providing a data point – nothing more.  Anything they mention or hype that seems interesting  I do my own due diligence on.    Once in a while an interesting nut emerges.   Most of the time not.

    I do find it interesting that the recommendations do seem a bit iterative – i.e a stock drops 20% and they circle back and recommend it again.



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    martin g

    I read CWMF and his crew on SA. I trade REIT preferreds and they’re the best I’ve found at covering those issues. Digging deep and explaining the mystery of how REITs work. Also he trades them much like I do.

    Many articles on SA are pure sales pitch and the writers don’t give good advice. Still can be thought provoking if you’re not going to believe everything you read. I like the comments section. Sometimes there’s useful info there. And a good way to gauge investor sentiment, which is one driver of stock prices.

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    Charles M


    Same thing I observed on SA. If there is a lot of interest in a stock then multiple writers will post articles as it gets them clicks. Example is Brad Thomas writing about EPD

    Then in the comment section you get a feel for how investors feel about the stock. What I like is seeing something like KMI where people who owned it years back and got Kindered still look and post negative comments. Not saying the company is bad, just like seeing both viewpoints posted.

    What you have to watch on stocks is articles on companies not followed by the herd. The comments tend to be overly optimistic. Recent example is article on DMLP ,a stock I follow and been in and out of.  Author wrote a glowing article even using up several paragraphs on why it would be a Warren Buffet investment.  Most comments were very positive and not a lot. This can be bad if its a thinly traded stock which this is not. Myself, I tried to interject a note of caution and came across negative on the stock.

    Personally not negative on the stock, just look at it as a flip and profit kind of stock.

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