Ford Motor Company Prices New Note Issue

Ford Motor Company (F) has priced the previously announced note issue with a maturity date in 2059.

The permanent ticker has not been announced, but we will have it when known. There is no OTC Grey Market trading, but one may be able to secure shares (bonds) prior to exchange trading by calling your broker with the CUSIP.

The company has 1 other baby bond issue outstanding which can be seen here. This issue carries a 6.20% coupon.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

11 thoughts on “Ford Motor Company Prices New Note Issue”

  1. Seems this new Ford baby bond can be purchased by calling your broker for $24.9x.

    Wonder if should do that or wait till starts trading to see where it trades first few days. Given that F-B the 5.2% coupon bond trades at mid-$25s, one could buy this and flip it when higher?

    1. I tried to buy this at Bond desk at two different brokerages. One placed an order but it got kicked out at end of day!

      Perhaps will look to buying it next week. I think this could be attractive if can be bought close to $25 – based on its sister F-B trading in mid-$26s

      1. Does anyone know which brokerage this is available. Fido and WFG have no clue. Is there a ticker assigned ?

        1. I bought on 12/9 for $25.02 at Schwab by calling the bond desk, using CUSIP 345370837, and having them put an order in for me.

            1. That was a week ago though Steve. Prices seem all over the place, guess because it’s not widely traded yet.

          1. Everybody’s idea on this board give me possibilities to consider. I love everybody sharing ideas. Some match my needs, some don’t but just thinking out each idea we all have makes me a better investor.

            1. SteveA–absolutely agree. Only wish I had more time to tend to investing ideas.

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