Financial Services Company Ladenburg Thalmann to Sell Baby Bonds

Ladenburg Thalmann (AMEX:LTS) will sell a new issue of baby bonds with a maturity date in 2029. Details are not yet available.

These will not be high quality, but the preferreds and baby bonds the company has outstanding have performed fairly well of the last 10 years. You can see them all here.

LTS trades in the $3.50 area–so that tells you a bit about the quality of the company, but risk equals reward so for shorter maturity dates these may well be reasonable.

The preliminary prospectus can be seen here.

The ticker will be LTSH when it begins to trade. No OTC Grey market trading will take place.

As usual Eugene sees these new issues 1st and he always posts in the “Reader Initiated Alerts” section.

4 thoughts on “Financial Services Company Ladenburg Thalmann to Sell Baby Bonds”

  1. I have only one comment with regards to anything Ladenburg Thalmann…LOl! I think I’ll pass.

    1. Retired–kind of my thoughts too, but they have traded decently for a long in spite of quality.

      1. Indeed… Not best of breed, but they’ve kept good coin in my pockets as a small spec play, despite the fact that it’s hated here so much. Nothing wrong with a little juicing of that spec part of the portfolio. Staying long LTS-A for now.

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