Fidus Investment Corporation Prices Notes

Business development company Fidus Investment Corporation (FDUS) has priced the previously announced baby bonds.

The notes will have a fixed coupon of 5.375% and will have a maturity date of 11/1/2024.

The permanent ticker will be FDUSG–there is no OTC Grey market trading, but you may gain access to the issue through your brokers bond desk with the CUSIP.

The pricing document can be read here.

2 thoughts on “Fidus Investment Corporation Prices Notes”

  1. The new issues coming out are decidedly sub par in quality. The last new issue I bought with the intent of a long term hold was REXR-C on 9-25.

    Beware the reach for yield. The stove can get hot.

    1. I hear you, Bob. I made a shameless flip purchase of RILYP at $24.67 trying to clip 50 cents. After 3 days of little to slight regression, I collected my approximate $50 profit and ran today. I was hoping for a 50 cent spike and then run not 8 cents. It may still spike, but I am not staying around to find out. I dont mind getting stuck holding issues I trust, but dont want to get stuck with one I bought with sole purpose of profit prostitution.
      I keep toeing in more and more past week on those resets. We wont need much of a turnaround to get a nice bounce. That Fairfax issue has jumped a lot in a few days. I went back to the well yesterday at $14.38 for more and it bounced even more.

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