Ex-Dividend Dates Added

We have completed most of the ex-dividend project on our Master List–so it includes preferreds, trust preferreds and baby bonds. We DO NOT include most of the $50-$100 issues.

We continue to add links that take you to the ‘source’ of the data.

The page will be linked from the main “Preferred Stock” tab, but will require an extra ‘click’ to because we felt it important to explain so items on the listing.

Readers are able to copy this sheet if they desire, but be aware that the updated is ‘human powered’ thus copies will not update after the day the copy is made.

IN SUMMARY-THE EX-DIVIDEND DATES ARE UPDATED TO TODAY. The source links are still in process.

The access page for this item is here.

10 thoughts on “Ex-Dividend Dates Added”

  1. Thanks for all the effort you put into developing these resources and making them available to everyone. I refer to them nearly every day and really appreciate it!

  2. Tim, thank you so much for all your diligence in making your investment web site so easy to navigate, informative and essential. I continue to refer all of my investing friends to your site. Wishing you profitable investing, Nomad

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