Equity Futures Gyrate Wildly After Gary Cohn Resignation

Equity futures have been gyrating lower between 250 and 500 Dow points after the resignation of top Presidential economic advisor Gary Cohn.

Of course the resignation comes on the heels of the tariff announcement from last week.  Cohn was not on board the tariff decision.

We don’t have much to say about this except we might need our seat belts on for an hour or two tomorrow.  Then like the tariff announcement the mini-panic will be over.

Let’s face it – if markets gyrate for this issue we are all in the hands of lunatics – and we are.  Let’s hope someday they don’t hit too many wrong buttons and accidentally send the markets 30% lower.

3 thoughts on “Equity Futures Gyrate Wildly After Gary Cohn Resignation”

    1. I did grab some RILYG today. It had risen to 25.02 while the other RILY offerings were down on the day.

  1. Lots of FUD out there today, that’s for sure.

    Dropped my buy limit orders by A LOT pre-market. Since we have NO clarity on what will happen with the tariff’s, I’m happy sitting on the sidelines for right now.

    Was pretty amazing to see the reversal yesterday as soon as that memo came out from the Aluminum trade association saying they basically were against the tariff’s of 10%. Market did a near 180.

    But, then the Cohn news hit and here we are, giving it all back.

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