‘Applied UV’ to Sell Preferred

Applied UV (AUVI) has announced that they will be issuing a new high yield preferred stock offering.

The offering was registered as a 10.5% coupon with 720,000 shares to be sold (along with another 108,000 available for overallotments).

Potential investors should do deep due diligence on the company–the company was formed in 2019 and on their last 10Q they showed quarterly revenue of around $2 million.

The new issue registration can be read here.

EarlyBird dredged up this issue.

7 thoughts on “‘Applied UV’ to Sell Preferred”

  1. Just more overpriced garbage imo…..I’ve got mountains of cash just sitting here wasting away cuz you can’t buy anything anymore. It’s torture. Most people think major market sell offs are what hurts….no….no….this does.

    1. The stock trader at the end of the universe.
      1. Go on the sidelines with mountains of cash.
      2. Watch the market continue to rise.
      3. Build a bigger mountain of cash.
      4. Watch record highs.
      5. Give up and get back in the market.
      6. Watch it crash.

  2. “I read the headline differently. How do you sell a preferred by applying UV?”

    I read it that way, too.
    Now I’ll explain to you how to do it:
    You use ultraviolet light to superficially sterilize a pestilential preferred stock, so that the buyers won’t realize quite how toxic it is until after they’ve already bought it and taken it home. It’s done all the time.

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