14 thoughts on “Deutsche Bank Calling Trust Preferred”

    1. OK, fine. That made QVCD take a dive so I picked up some @ $25.71 for a dividend capture play, said divi is coming up in about a week.

          1. RK,
            Yes, that’s how I read it. The last divvy will come in but no more accrual after that since it’s being called on the payment date. Near impossible to replace this one. Uggh. Their DXB would be next up on the list for call – although, frankly, I can’t understand how DB was able to get this much scratch together to call DKT. Seems like a never ending stream of bad news pumped out about these folks.

            1. Look at yields in Germany. Excess cash just looking for anything with a decent return. DX is Germany’s national bank, and will always have access to capital. Also surprised they waited this long.

              I’ve owned DKT in multiple accounts for years. Sad to see this QDI issue go, but that’s the world we now live in.

              Also own DXB. Hoping the lower yield will keep this past-call issue away from their grasp.


              1. If they’re that flush with cash, they should’ve called both DKT and DXB, no?

            2. A4,
              Yes hate to see it go also, but really we were living on borrowed time (although hoping they would leave it alone because it is a trust pfd). I held it for quite awhile so I did ok with all the dividends, and today’s loss really only brings it back to where it was about 6 weeks ago. I got out today because it didn’t make sense to hold until redemption in 6 weeks for only a couple of pennies when I can use the proceeds for something else now. At least now I don’t have to worry about what will be with DB.

  1. Yes, just have to deal with it. Taking away all my nice, juicy preferred. However UMHPRD recently dropped below $25. and I picked up a little more. Not a bank PFD, but best can do right now.

  2. At 9:13 am EST, DKT is already down to 25.42. It would be difficult to find a suitable alternative.

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