Continued Work on Forum

I had previously mentioned that I would be adding a ‘forum’ to the website and I wanted to update folks on progress.

I have the forum installed–at least the basic framework. I am now testing some functions (i.e. search capabilities etc).

Right now I am pretty pleased with search functions–you can search by author or by topic.

Participants will be able to set up topics within the broader forum etc.

Also you can receive emails on any response to a post and ‘subscribe’ to a given topic. This is within the basic functions of the forum. After that there are dozens of ‘add ins’ that I can add to expand the functionality–but I just want to get the basic set up going before I try to get too darned fancy.

I am going to have Chad make some tweaks to what you see below–i.e. larger text and getting the ‘search’ box in the right place.

That’s it for now.

7 thoughts on “Continued Work on Forum”

  1. Looking forward to the update. I had considered trying an RSS feed to keep up with comments, since presently I check the most recent one before reloading to see how far down the list it is.

    1. The RSS feed currently provided dumps all comments from all threads into a single feed. When the off-topic boys get all revved up, the feed turns into a useless flood. So I’m also very much looking forward to an actual forum capability here, thank you Tim.

  2. Tim, a high priority for me would be unanchored text search within the body of a post (not just topic and author).

    Reason: I often will remember the gist of an exchange or maybe a few key words within a post which may not be captured in the topic.

    By ‘unanchored’ I mean for example that search string ‘ooba’ would find occurrences of ‘foobar’ as well as ‘ooba’

      1. Qniform, thanks for the correction. Of course you are right. My tech background (where the spelling ‘foobar’ is used extensively) eclipsed my orthographic knowledge there for a moment.

  3. Hi-
    I was just going to take a look at the Master Ex-Div Date spreadsheet that I have become accustomed to using for a dividend capture strategy I have been playing around with and much to my surprise and dismay it seems as though it has been removed?
    Is this the case or am I just missing it somewhere?
    It was very useful and helpful as a go to source to find a comprehensive list of upcoming ex-div dates.
    Any chance of it being returned if this is indeed the case.
    I personally would think that this particular chart would be very popular for many different reasons.
    Appreciate all the work that goes into this and hopefully this will find its way back on the site.
    If not do you know of a good resource available for Ex-Div Date information?
    Thanks again!

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