Continual Website Updates/Upgrades

We continue to work on updating and upgrading various items within the website. This always precludes us from as much participation in discussion etc. as we would like, but it is our preference to keep adding and improving.

On the “Preferreds” you will note that we have added “by Yield” to many of the listings which we note on the choices and more are to come.  These are set up so you can just toggle the tab on the top of the list to get either setting.

Just today we have added “By Yield” to the Baby Bond listing. Additionally, and honestly more important to us, is I have succeeded in speeding up the load of the Baby Bond list–it used to take maybe 5-7 seconds to load–now maybe it is 1-2 seconds.

Lastly we have been working for hours and hours to get the credit ratings added to at least 1 “Master Sheet” and we have completed entry and will be launching this page later this week.  I am proof reading the data each day–it is tough to check all 630 issues in both Moodys and Standard and Poors website.  Some have said why don’t you just go to QuantumOnline and get the info?  1st off we don’t like using someone else’s data and 2ndly we have found that much of their credit rating data is not up to date–it is a huge job for anyone to try to keep some of this data up to date.

6 thoughts on “Continual Website Updates/Upgrades”

  1. Tim, At least set up a contribution link like Quantum. You might like doing this, but I’m sure there are plenty of us who’d like to contribute to your holiday fund.

  2. Tim- Bigbear really likes it. You are so well liked and appreciated that you could successfully run for office.
    “Make investing great again.” 👍

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