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  1. NEE (Nextera) took a pretty big hit yesterday, at one point dropping just below $73. Part of the explanation is that now that the herd is risk on again that there is a sector rotation out of Utilities and into Finance and other areas. And then there is the issue of rising rates.
    I’m wondering if this rotation away from Utilities is a buying opportunity for Income Investors for solid, reasonably “Green” companies like NEE or AEP?

    1. I strictly follow the yields on my utility portfolio. As soon as the price drops enough to create an attractive yield I add. For example when DUK drops so that the yield heads above 4.5% I add. I have yield targets for DUK, SO, PPL, EIX etc.

  2. Anyone follow CRT, Cross Timbers Royalty Trust? It is purely a holder of oil and gas royalties. I’m thinking if oil and gas keep going up, this would be a direct beneficiary. Thanks!

  3. One of the people I follow is Michael Burry, he of Big Short fame. Because of the size of his holding he is required to file 13Fs each quarter. I would describe him as a value-based short/medium term equity trader. He does with equities what I think a lot of people here do with fixed income.

    Interesting, to me, to see what he moves in to and out of each month:

    I especially like the move into CoreCivic, as I did the same both on the debt and the common (through cash secured puts). There are lots of familiar names on the list.

    The inherent limitations on the data are 1) it’s 45 days old when published, so it’s yesterday’s news, and 2) short positions are not disclosed. But still, you can get a lot of insights into the thinking and methodology of a very savvy investor.

    The portfolio is concentrated enough to add some meaningful alpha but diversified enough that he isn’t crushed by one bad call. Like some of the jokers in the hedge fund business. I believe Burry is playing with his own money here.

  4. I was hoping to put this in the UHaul section as another possible alternative investment type vehicle, but that’s closed so this is the closest I can figure to be a near relevant area for this oddity:

    Every now and then I check out The Royalty Exchange just out of curiosity – I was wondering whether or not anyone here has ever had any real time experience with this? It’s a site where you bid on specified future royalties to come from music or movies publishing or performanc rights, etc… I wonder if one were to win one of these, is it as simple as just sitting back and letting the royalties flow in or does one have to be proactive in marketing what you’ve bot once you’ve bot it in order to be successful… for example, right now you can bid on rights for royalties from The Doobie Bros song, “Black Water.” It’s all’s spelled out in detail, but I wonder if John Q Public, who’s not a music insider, has a prayer of getting treated fairly if he owned any of these type rights? Great cocktail party conversation starter either way though, I suppose…. Can you really be the next Paul McCartney via this route? McCartney probably makes more from the various music rights he owns under his MPL Communications umbrella company than he does from the music he’s making these days..

    Here’s the Doobie’s info
    Yeah, I know far far off normal topics, but maybe it’s another UHaul type thing to do in a way….. kind of fun too..

    1. 2wr – I’ve not looked at that website but there are a number of music royalty companies out there some being quite large.

      Check out Round Hill Music Royalty Fund.

      1. Thanks, Bob – I’ll take a look…….. I’m not sure my interest is beyond curiosity but it’s worth investigating… Music is such an interest of mine I might as well check out income stream avenues within…

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