Commenting Changes

I noted that some comments have gone to moderation (not published until I personally approve) if they had more than 3 links in the comment.

The reason I had it set at 3 was because ‘spammers’ will many times have more links in their spam–thus they get filtered out. Since we have kept spammers out (except for a few over the years) I have raised this up to 6.

So if you keep your links to 6 or less they should move right through to publication.

14 thoughts on “Commenting Changes”

  1. This is quite often a “one stop” site for anything bond and preferred related.

    Thanks, Tim

  2. One thing I find confusing is that recent comments.. the list of comments.. changes depending on what page you are looking at. On the main page it is one list of recent comments. When I click this article it is something other order. Just seems odd. It is like something is being cached with your web page code, mysql/postgresql, or what not. I find myself always going back to the main page because I do not trust minor page’s list of recent comments.

      1. I need to play with the RSS reader this weekend. I signed up, but not all the III posts are getting transferred there. Only one shown for today and four for yesterday.

        1. If you’re using Firefox or Chrome, the extension “feedbro” is the option I’ve found works well…. That’s Windows… not sure there’s an Apple version as well…

  3. Tim, on the money as ever. Site‘s only gotten better past couple of years / keep on keeping on and don’t forget to buckle up.

  4. I don’t click on those links unless I am very interested and in the dark. I’d rather someone’s thoughts in their own words.

  5. This kind of attention to detail is one of the many little things that add up to making this site so great, Tim. Thanks.

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