Comment Removal Last Week

This week I removed a comment from the comment stream. The way this works is if I ‘unapprove’ a comment it removes the comment and all of the responses to that initial comment. So if you notice some comment you made ‘missing’ it may have been in the comment stream.

The initial comment had an personal ‘attack’ (in my mind) and was really uncalled for–if someone makes a factual error it is ok to correct the error–but not berate the individual.

I don’t ban folks for going ‘off the rails’ a time or two–I am NOT overly strict. There remains only 1 person ‘banned’ from a couple years ago–he/she was persistently attacking folks and refused to stop.

25 thoughts on “Comment Removal Last Week”

  1. Thanks Tim
    I remember the old Yahoo financial pages and how political and name calling it got.
    I think you are very fair on your censorship. Keep up the good work. We have some great members on this page and I have learned alot and got some great tips. Thanks

  2. Good. That way the site avoids attracting some of the people who have infiltrated other once good investment sites.

    Since we all have to leave an email address, was the culprit notified?

    1. No Ron–but he had mostly stopped posting except to stop by for a little nastiness.

  3. Tim-Thanks and as always, appreciate everything you do to keep this sight the highest quality.

  4. I’m with you Tim … I appreciate all your hard work, and I feel Ike you are a friend to all of us. Kindest regards.

  5. Tim, your efforts to keep the site civil are much appreciated. It’s still the best community out there for income investing IMO.

  6. Tim; Thanks for keeping a watchful eye. Your site in its purest form is a real community for investment ideas, education and true help from fellow investors. I don’t comment too often, only if I feel I have something to add to the conversation. Having said that, I find I visit SA less and less frequently, maybe now only 2 to 3 times per week. In the odd occasion I do comment on a topic over there I am shocked and disappointed at how often my comments are attacked. I think to myself – why did I bother?

    I hope you are continuing to work on a way we can contribute to help offset some of your expenses of running the site. It would give me pleasure to do so.

    1. Gary–thanks for you encouragement. I will do donations at some point, but I need to ditch my real work first.

    2. Tim,
      Thanks for the letting us know and this is a great site. I know I spend some of each day here and I guess Gary I have to agree with you about SA. I was reading over there this morning and was going to comment then thought why bother. Like here, I read comments for more insight into a article and gain investing ideas, but now there are too many people over there politicizing their comments.
      I don’t feel that way at all here. I enjoy the honesty of people here who admit they lose some and win some. In the long run, we all want to be ahead of the game.

    3. Hello Gary
      I think you could easily send Tim a donation whenever you want to. I think you are suggesting a paid subscription service that would lock many of us out, as seen with several other services that used to be “free.” I appreciate Tim’s work and the exchange of ideas, but I can’t afford to pay for it.

      1. Jeff, I was not suggesting a paid service. Rather, as stated in my post “a contribution”. If you are familiar with Quantum Online, they have a link to do exactly that. It is not a paid service but you can contribute. So, about twice a year I send $50 and I am pleased to do so. I know Don at QO appreciates the gesture and it helps to keep his site free of ads. I also know Tim operates this site out of passion. But, it is still time consuming and expensive. There have been threads on this site in past months where many folks indicated a desire to contribute.

        1. Gary,
          Absolutely agree. Donations to this site would be a small token compared the work Tim has done.
          I have learned an incredible amount and use that knowledge on an almost daily basis.
          Thank you!

          1. At the very least may be a way to augment the college funds for Tim’s grandkids. Just thinking out loud………..

      2. Jeff–thanks for your honesty. When/if it is a ‘paid service’ you WILL be able to afford it because everyone here would get a very low rate—I mean so low that a few Starbucks will pay the year. I have been 15 years now free so really struggle with a paid potential.

        1. Thanks, Tim. I really appreciate your work and enthusiasm. With high medical costs, everything is getting really tight. Fixed income investing is saving us.

  7. Thanks Tim for keeping the site safe for all of us. I support your decisions in this area 100%.

  8. Tim- thanks got your efforts. My first and last site I view everyday. Always feel “safe” about posting ideas or questions.

      1. I send the views today. We are very lucky to benefit from your efforts which are appreciated. thanks again sc

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