Clear Your Cache for Site Changes

I see that Chad has been making some changes this morning–we had met yesterday for discussion on some changes. To see the changes you may have to clear your cache.

Some changes are not meaningful to functionality (such as the blue colors instead of green), while others are changes that I hope help the function.

You will see that when I post a link now most of them should show up underlined – like websites of old. The problem I had before is I could only bold a link–then you couldn’t tell if it was a link or simply something that needed emphasis and thus was bold.

Some other changes you will see are on the security detail page—here. Chad will add a ‘variable’ option under the ‘qualified’ box–this will be helpful for the CEF preferreds for instance which are may be qualifed or not.

Additionally we will add a 1009/K-1 box on the security page–just to clarify.

There will be other changes–but I won’t mention them, because maybe they aren’t even possible–sometimes I want changes that can’t be done (old sucker that I am).

20 thoughts on “Clear Your Cache for Site Changes”

  1. I clear all (cache/cookies etc) after visiting each website.. use a laptop w Chrome.. it is a habit and not too cumbersome. clicking into SA for example, there is a huge cache and 77 cookies from varioius sites.. in AOL or Yahoo, hundreds.. if I leave a site and go to my brokerage ac, I don’t want these trackers and cookies etc following me.. I used to use IE but it was just too I use Chrome.. I know googl is still “watching me” but whatta ya gonna do.. used to use McAfee antiv but just use Windows Defender now.
    Haven’t had a virus in the 7yrs I have had this Toshiba Satellite.

    new problem of course, I never updated to Windows10 when it was free and kept 7.. everything I read I just decided to stick w 7… so of course, like many corporations and biz I have to realize that in Jan 2020, MSFT wont support 7 anymore.. so basically it leaves me exposed w no updates and security risk on Defender.. might have to just buy a new laptop on QVC or HSN where the best values are.. always something isnt it?!

    1. FWIW – one of my programmers tells me that if you want to upgrade from win7 to win10, you still can still do so for free. He just installed win10 over the weekend on some laptops we are donating and just used the win7 keys that were on the laptops. You can apparently either upgrade or do a fresh install of win10. I think it is Microsoft’s way of heading off the uproar when win7 support ends.

      1. Beware of this catch:

        Update September 19, 2019: You may still upgrade to Windows 10 using a Windows 7 product key, but be aware that Microsoft no longer offers free upgrades, as such the company can stop devices from activating using this method at any time.

    2. Bea, if you use CCleaner, you can control the things that startup (or at least view the items starting up, you can also clear out your cache and cookies. Best of all you can define a list of cookies that you want to keep. I have a list of sites such as my email, and my banks. That way they are kept and the others are destroyed. It is one of a few tools i use to evaluate and fix why computers are slow.

      1. Exactly Mr Lucky! I have yet to reply to 2WR but ccleaner would (will) be part of what I would suggest. It is free and can be downloaded from filehippo:
        I suggest taking time to select cookies one wants to keep and specifying specific folders to clean (such as where some of the temp files are stored). I will try to provide suggestions later on how to configure ccleaner.
        ccleaner is made by Piriform (UK), which is owned by Avast. See:
        Whatever Anti-virus one has installed (e.g., Norton’s or McAfee) should (will) convey that ccleaner is safe.
        IMO Windows Defender is insufficient. Recall that MS and Google share any love for each other. Hence, Defender is not going to go out of its way to make Chrome shine.
        BTW, Chrome itself has a built-in cleaner. I will try to explain how to run it when I answer 2WR’s post.
        All internet service providers (cableTV company or telco) provide access to download and install whatever Anti-Virus suite they have licensed for free. Hence, one should not merely rely on Defender. Again, as an ISP subscriber, one is entitled to it for free
        thanks and BR, No. 12

  2. Tim – This website is awesome! Thank you!

    I heard there is a way to “register” for the site and get email alerts when there are new posts. However, I have been unable to find where to go to register. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

  3. I am thinking that Tim is not going to tell how as he is too excited about the Golden Gophers (though he revealed some time back that he was a Husker fan) … so if it helps anyone, to clear cache in Chrome, this is what I did:
    -Find three vertical dots on Chrome’s top bar (WIndows); three horiz dots in bottom (mobile iOS)
    -Click/select “Settings”
    -In Windows, Click “Advanced” to expand and select “Privacy and Security.” (In mobile iOS, select “Privacy”)
    -Click “Clear Browsing Data”
    -deselect all other choices but “Cache Images and Files.” At the top, I chose “All Time” for “Time Range” to clear cache.
    Close and restart Chrome.
    Best regards, No. 12

    1. Aarod – Since you’re a Chrome user, I’ll ask you, if you’re using it in Windows 10, have you experienced horrible slow-downs in performance since the last Windows update? I’ve switched back to Firefox because of it as I have to wait 15 seconds or longer, for example, just for Chrome to respond to my trying to open a bookmark… So far I’ve not seen any fixes or acknowledgement of a problem from Google or MSFT, but I gave up looking about 2 weeks ago.. I realize this is not a forum for this kind of stuff, but what the heck…..

      1. Plus, when I used Chrome, my daily Malwarebytes scan found ~30 PUPs. Everyday. So I guess Chrome tracks the hell outta you. Since I switched (back) to Firefox, my scans detect nothing, no problems at all.

        Just sayin’…

        1. One thing for sure camroc–without any advertising or external links on this site we should be squeaky clean in regards to malware.

          1. Tim, There was one commenter whose name had a number of links embedded. I clicked on it once and it was definitely not something you wanted. Traveling now though will PM you tomorrow.

          2. Tim, One commenter-name had a link embedded to something you definitely did not want. Traveling now though will PM you tomorrow.

        2. FWIW – I usually use Firefox (with lots of blockers and security turned up), but I also use a browser called Iron, which is basically Chrome without the google spyware.

          There is an open source project that produces a browser called Chromium. Google takes that browser, adds all their spyware, and puts it out as a product called Chrome. Some guys in Germany take the same Chromium browser and release it without the spyware as a browser called Iron. Most chrome extensions work fine in Iron, and it runs a LOT faster without all the spyware.

          Its not perfect, but I like it better than sending everything I do to google.

      2. 2WR–I don’t have any problems with Chrome or computer performance problems–but I use pretty high powered desktops.

        If you are using any older equipment–even 2-5 years old they start to get bogged down with the never ending clutter of website stuff–I think it is a conspiracy–publishing software gets more and more complex, which the hardware folks love because they can sell you never ending pieces of equipment to deal with the more complex publishing–then we start all over again.

    2. aarod–good one. Actually it is quite exciting for the ‘winner’ starved fans of gopher football–I am trained (as are all gopher fans) to be let down at any moment–but for now yeah.

      Thanks for taking care of the technical stuff for me.

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