4 thoughts on “CHS Releases New Presentations”

  1. Tim:
    Thanks for posting this. Looks like this year the 2 refineries and fuel purchased in the wholesale market paid for the dividends.
    The contribution margin from the agricultural business was less than 2.5% of Ag sales in the last fiscal year based on the restated earnings. The Ag business alone was insufficient to pay the dividends. So good that they are somewhat diversified. Lets hope they have better controls in place now.
    I have relatives in Minnesota. The Minnesotans are a hard working great group of people. My cognitive bias.
    You are doing a great job for many.

  2. I feel comfortable with my CHSCN purchase this week at $25.07….These CHS preferreds have made me a lot of money flipping over the years. Plan to just hold these since I got near par. The divi is going exD next week.

    1. Congrats Grid. That’s a great entry. You beat me by two first downs.

      1. Alpha, I had the best good fortune of buying several weeks ago at $25.47 and then flipping at just under $26. Only because I needed money to cover another trade that hit. And then getting in now at lower price point helps…I remember the “good old” days when CHSCL was first trading. I told dad we need to both round up every spare penny we could to buy as many as possible for the easiset buck trade of our life. I think it wound up being well more than that before we flipped.

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