Buckle Up. Futures are Tumbling-Updated

UPDATE So overnight the futures market gyrated around based on the latest rumor. After trading down 300 the DJIA is off only around 60 point now (around 6:30 am CDT)–likely to be a wild time Thursday and Friday. UPDATE

Of course it should have been expected–that there will be no Chinese trade deal at this time–at least those are the rumblings we are hearing tonight and futures are tumbling on the news (of course this could totally reverse by market open).

Of course this silliness had been a continual source of either euphoria or despair for too long–but it likely will continue this pattern for months and months.

As usual we will mostly watch the action without making any moves–but we watch.

5 thoughts on “Buckle Up. Futures are Tumbling-Updated”

  1. What are all your thoughts on where we are headed in the next 20 – 30 years (and beyond)? There seem to be fundamental changes to our economy and the globalization of everything. We are all so much more connected (socially, financially, etc) than we were even 20 or 30 years ago. Will the stock market continue it’s upward climb? Will we remain a world powerhouse? Would it take a complete collapse of the whole global economy to upend things, or are we much more fragile than that? Being about 15 years from retirement, and hoping to live a decent amount of time after, can I even expect all my efforts to be worth anything in the end?

    I don’t mean to sound so doomsday ish, and I’m not going to change anything I am doing, but I wonder what our planet will look like in the next few decades. The pace of change seems to be accelerating. Personally, I am hoping for something like Star Trek, where money is obsolete and we all just spend our time bettering ourselves. But if that utopia fails to materialize in my lifetime, then what is the future?

    I know this is all rhetorical, but this resetting strategy I’ve embarked upon has gotten me really thinking about my long term future. Just curious what other’s out there think.

    Sorry, this might have been better placed on the sandbox page. Not sure how to move it now without retyping…

    1. Mark – I sometimes think along the same lines. I’m closer to retirement (tomorrow!!) and have mostly realigned my holdings to preferreds, bonds, and a shorter ladder of CDs. When I wonder about the future, I look back. People in 1919 asked themselves the same questions and look what their future held – World Wars, The greatest generation (truly), nuclear bombs, men on the moon, birth and spread of computing, health care which has advanced life-time expectation. There have been downsides as well. Global upheaval, the Great Depression, recessions, AIDs, Ebola…etc. I think our future will be just as astounding over the next 100 years. The basis of the United States has been our freedoms, our diversity and inclusion, and a capitalist base that has allowed the country to flourish. As long as the US can remain strong, our economy and hence stock market should also continue it’s long term path. Times of giddy tops and gut-wrenching bottoms because that is the nature of the beast. You’re right – Sandbox page, and my impending life-style change has me philosophical, so apologies for taking up so much space here.

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