Brunswick to Sell Baby Bonds

Brunswick Corp (NYSE:BC) will sell a new baby bond issue with a maturity date in 2049.  It is likely that this issue will be rated low investment grade.

Standard quarterly interest payments will be made and there will be an early redemption period available to the company starting 1/15/2024.

The company currently has a 6.50% baby bond outstanding (NYSE:BC-A) which is trading at $24.90 which can be seen here.

Preliminary information on the new issue can be seen here.

4 thoughts on “Brunswick to Sell Baby Bonds”

  1. Not sure where to add this since it is slightly off topic, but CA is approving a bill to allow utilities to pass along the cost of their liability for the recent fires. If someone is holding any of those issues the progress of that proposal might be of interest to them. I am not sure of the details since I don’t hold those issues, but I am sure if anyone has an interest they can be found.

    1. Thanks Scott R.–I’ll check it out and write a quick blurb if I can find it.

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