“Bluejoseph” Inspires a New Listing Spreadsheet

Early today reader “Bluejoseph” noted in one of the comment sections that he was able to jump in on some of the Gabelli Dividend and Income preferred shares (GDV-A or GDV-D) as he noted them tumbling on very high volume–likely a dump by a fund.

“BlueJoseph” was able to buy them for 1-1.5% below where they had been trading and share prices popped back up after the selling was done.  Better yet the shares go ex-dividend in a few days.

We have already instituted the “Near New low List” and we have instituted the “Sorted by Share Price Loss” list.

Now we have the “$25 Preferred Shares – High Volume” list.  We will add the link on the “All Preferred” tab.

The new list will show the all the $25 preferreds–and they will sort in real time by multiples of the average 30 day volume.  We will highlight in RED all issues that are trading at least 3 times their average volume.  Investors should be able to pick up on large share dumps after the first 30-60 minutes of trading and if desired maybe capture a bargain.

By the way–the 2 Gabelli issues noted above traded at 28 and 17 times their normal average daily volume today.

5 thoughts on ““Bluejoseph” Inspires a New Listing Spreadsheet”

  1. The new Prospect Capital notes that were discussed will start trading today under the symbol PBC.

  2. Great idea! Thanks to Bluejoseph, and thanks to Tim for what seems like almost instantaneous execution on a great idea.

    1. Thanks Roger–once I have ‘base’ listings and a newly learned skill in sorting and javascripting I can do some stuff pretty quick.

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