BDC Pennant Park Prices New Baby Bonds

Pennant Park Investment Corp (NASDAQ:PNNT) has priced a new issue of baby bonds.

The bonds will carry a fixed rate coupon of 5.50% and will have a maturity date in 2024. Beginning 10/15/2021 the bonds will be available for an early call at $25 plus accrued interest.

This issue is unrated.

The ticker for this new issue will be PNNTG. There will be no OTC Grey market trading of this debt issue, but the issue likely will trade within the next week or so. The company has no other issues currently outstanding.

Since this is debt the interest payments are NOT qualified distributions.

At the time we are writing this the SEC paperwork has not been posted, but the company press release on the pricing can be seen here.

The preliminary prospectus can be seen here.

4 thoughts on “BDC Pennant Park Prices New Baby Bonds”

  1. Just to update: Pennant Park Investment Corp (PNNTG) CUSIP 708062401 5.50% due 10/15/2024 are trading on the Grey Sheets $24.90/$24.96.
    Be well my friends and be good to each other, Nomad

  2. How long before we see US Wireless (UZA, UZB) and Telephone Data Systems (TDJ, TDE) do a new issue? Telephone Data Systems owns US US Wireless, so I consider this as 1 company decisions.

    Right now paying 6.875% and 7.25%, all past or soon to hit their call dates. Rated BA1 and BA2.

    I keep expecting to see a new issue for these every day

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