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28 thoughts on “Bank of Hawaii Preferred Stock Pricing Detail”

  1. I’ll have to review the common first. It’ll go to 26 quickly without anything bad happening in the regional bank market

      1. I would imagine a lot of that shorting took place after the fires on top of the pessimism surrounding banks/CRE. From what I see on fintel the amount shorted has been slowly going back to normal but still high.

  2. So what’s the consensus. ? Hawaii prices are insane and the residents have money but the bank is supposedly losing money. Hard to turn down 8% qualified for a bank unless they are on deaths door.

    1. I will buy a tiny sliver if the price is right. It still is investment grade by Moodys and DBRS.

    2. As soon as I read the news I sold 340 shares of BOH-A and plan to replace them with BOHDL. My order is open at Ally and just sitting there for 200 shares of the new preferred. That is what I am doing. Just swapping things around.

              1. I am getting close and closer to that point. There one redeeming quality is that I cannot recall ever getting charged a single penny for buying/selling. Even odd stuff.

                I was also told by the phone rep that routing to StoneX also had some type of label called INTL which I assume means international.. but I have no clue if that means diddly squat. StoneX was the answer for who it was being routed to for the market maker. I doubt INTL means some special path which is international (other country equities). They have this blurb on their website: “As the #1 market maker in OTC ADRs and foreign securities, we leverage our expertise to open markets and provide the liquidity you need.” But right below that they state they also do our more traditional markets and OTC.

                1. In the end I think the difference between being on the grey yesterday and today on the pink might be the difference in buying for me. I was able to purchase shares this morning. A few cents below where I was willing to buy yesterday which is a nice turn of events for once.

          1. Same here, although I had to ‘adjust’ my limit price to 25.20 to get filled at 25.19 🙄

  3. Hi Tim
    Is it possible that BB list is not up to date?
    Missing NEWTG for example
    Thanks for the good work

              1. Yield Hunter:

                When I try and buy it for $25.13 on the Schwab website, I get the silly message that BOHDL is accepting closing transactions only.

                When I try and buy it on StreetSmart Edge, I get the same ridiculous message.

                And when I try and but it with Think or Swim, they charge $6.95 commission.

                How did a company that should pride itself on superior trading technology become so bad? I really don’t know how anyone can own the common stock of SCHW.

                1. OTC stocks have become the redheaded orphans on major brokerages they all charge fees or refuse the transaction. Don’t know if their expenses are higher, is it to benefit the sharks or it’s just to keep their work simple.

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