Bank of America OTC Ticker

For those that have not seen it already the OTC Grey market temporary ticker for the new preferred from Bank of America it will be BAMKL.

This issue will begin to trade tomorrow–this issue should price later today or tonight..

8 thoughts on “Bank of America OTC Ticker”

        1. The busted convertible BAC-L offers a 5.4% yield with no possibility of conversion for a very long time. This might be a better buy if one does not mind the relatively low yield. Rather than buy this new BAC-M, I am considering adding to my position of BAC-L.

          1. Inown the busted sister from Wells Fargo, WFC-L. Better yield than BAC-L but I agree. Why own the new issue if the yield comes in lower than the L issue. The L issue is not as liquid at $1000 par vs $25 par for this new one but if you’re not a trader it makes no since.

  1. I figured I’d attempt to join in the party on this stuff so made a call to TDA just now for the first time on one of these….. They told me approx 1.9 mil shares actually show up as having sold today at 24.97 but the system would not even allow me to place an order yet… Told me to call in after market opens tomorrow though I might be able to attempt to put in a limit order again in the AM before market…. This = my rookie report.

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