Back to Work (Website Work)

As I have mentioned and warned we have a long way to go on this website.

Almost daily we continue to enter ‘data’ in the database–it is a truly massive job. We have a security form that has to be filled out for each individual issue and we literally enter dozens of items for each issue.

While we do not utilize the data right now we are entering information that we will use as we continue to add sorting parameters.

What this does for us (and eventually you) is you will be able to sort preferred and baby bonds of every color and shape.

For instance click on this sentence and you will see all BDCs paying dividends in April.

Or here to see every REIT paying dividends in June.

Or all insurance companies paying dividends in July.

WARNING – Data is being added everyday and it is massive and boring.  The above searches/sorts are INCOMPLETE but give a taste of what we are working on.

We will be adding a choice of sorting by ex-dividend date–that is the date I want for potential dividend capture strategies that I want to work on.

We will add a choice for sorting by coupon.

We will display either links for SEC data or partial data (a couple of the main prospectus pages maybe).

The possibilities we can dream up will likely outrun our ability to find the time and money to implement them all.

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  1. Tim, I didn’t see a “general” mailbox address on the “About” page or anywhere else, where one could send an email to you or a message that wouldn’t be posted publicly like this one. Do you have such as address avail?

    1. Hi GW–there isn’t one now, but I will put it on my list for my tech guy. I can set one up with the site URL–which works best or they get all tangled up with my other businesses.

      1. Thanks, Tim. If you’re looking for volunteers to help with anything – please just ask. Would be glad to help if possible.

  2. Me too, me too! Thank you so much, Tim. Been an avid follower across multiple websites and email subscriptions over the years.

    Your efforts are VERY much appreciated.

  3. My friend Amy referred me to this very interesting think tank. How do you register or is this it, just post like I am now?

    1. Hi John–thanks for coming. Have a long ways to go on the site–my vision always outruns my time and money.

  4. Appreciate your insight and information all these years from the Div YH days till now. ?member’ Glacier Water Service cum pfds?? lol.. omg time flies. Bea

    1. I have me some Glacier Water currently as we speak. Sometimes you just give in and buy something like that and collect the interest and dont ask questions, lol.

      1. I know that has been a steady earner thru the years..another one I got from Tim’s old site and did well with was LTS-PrA.. pulled back on my risk and not in these names now but they just keep payin! Bea

        1. I generally am with you Bea. But I do have what I call some “yield spicers” to enhance the taste of my preferreds, lol. Besides I need a bit of exitement. Some of my preferreds may only trade once a year, so it gets a bit boring without those.

          1. Grid – I own some your issues–I have had a good til cancelled order in for Corning Nat Gas Preferred for months. No one is selling at my price. Unfortunately I originally (maybe a year ago) got only a few hundred shares.
            Also own some of the connecticut light and power issues.

    2. Yes Bea–glacier water–wonderful – if not a bit scary in the beginning. I sold it when Primo bought the company and it is too expensive to get back in.

      1. Tim, I only have a few hundred CNIGO myself to go with some CNIGP also. CNIGO along with CNIGP were insider private deals to existing shareholders. And mostly gobbled up by a few big wigs and a private trust from a deceased businessman. So I doubt many will trickle out.

      2. I forgot to mention Tim concerning CNIGP (the sister non mandatory term dated convertible preferred to the 6% term dated CNIGO) the Board quietly in SEC filings adjusted CNIGP from a 1-1 conversion, to a 1 to 1.2 conversion to common if one ever desired. The Board and top management were the big buyers of the CNIGP when it was issued. They largely avoided the 6% CNIGO.
        Its New Yorks 15th and smallest regulated utility. But basically ran like a private company as management and Gabelli control the company. An odd little duck of a company.

        1. HI Grid–have to admit I haven’t dug deep on it–I leave it to you–but I probably should at least read some of their filings. Thanks for your input.

          1. The quirky and unusual always interest me for some reason, Tim. They were a regulated gas utility and unregulated gas pipeline company. Then they became a tiny electrical utility buying Pike County (small populated area) from a bigger utility wanting to sell it. Got it for $16 million from Consolidated Edison. The genesis of CNIGO and CNIGP came from this acquisition.

  5. Hello Tim
    Over the years you have helped me a lot. I appreciate everything that you do for us. Many thanks!

    1. And with luck Jeff I will be around for a long time to come.

  6. I was linked to your site by someone posting on an early retirement forum. I bookmarked your site right away. Thanks for all the info you provide!

    1. Hi JT–welcome. Hope we can get alot further with this site.

  7. Tim

    Ditto with Gridbird.
    I really appreciate the information.
    Thanks for your hard work.

    1. Grid–keep up you infamous commenting around the web so we can all learn.

  8. Hi Amy–thanks. Yes whether it is data entry for baby bonds or for cat foods it is boring. I would rip my hair out if I had any (or much).

    I have 1 paid helper–he puts it in and I recheck and correct as necessary. He gets more pay than I do.

  9. Tim – thank you for all of your hard work! I have been involved in a project like yours (dealing with a lot of data for cat foods…) and I know just how boring and tedious it can be. By the time I was done with my project, I was almost bald from ripping my hair out.

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