Baby Bonds With Maturities in Less than 2 years

We just want to take a moment and point out that there are now 7 baby bonds maturing in the next 2 years and there are a total of 11 maturing before the end of 2021.

We mention this as there are a number of folks who invest in these shorter maturity issues as they tend to trade around $25 as they near maturity and the ability to project a timely call is more predictable with these short maturities.

NOTE THAT SOME OF THESE ARE PRETTY JUNKY ISSUES so one must separate the wheat from the chaff–BUT some issues like the Sotherly 7.25% baby bond which matures in 2/2021 is highly likely to have no trouble being called–of course this particular issue is trading at $25.69 right now so the yield to maturity is in the 6 to 6.25% area so it is better bought at a bit lower price.

Our list of baby bonds can be sorted by alphabetical, by yield or by maturity date by clicking the tabs on the top of the list.

2 thoughts on “Baby Bonds With Maturities in Less than 2 years”

  1. The list of baby bonds would be even more useful if one could sort on ANY and ALL column headings. (For that matter, increased sortability would enhance ALL of your lists.) I would guess it’s not to difficult to add this capability to your site….

    Do you know of any source that lists securities that issue K-1’s, so that an investor who doesn’t want that tax reporting nightmare can avoid trading and investing in them?

    Really like your website–lots of useful information!

    1. RC, Go to this great site:
      The next to the last column on the right side will tell you if the entity issues a K-1 or a 1099. You can only view a few screens of “free” info per day, so you may need to register for greater access to what you are looking for – but this should help get you started.

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