Baby Bond Listing Now Loading Fast

The Baby Bond page is the 4th most accessed page on the website–and honestly, the crappiest in performance.

Historically speaking, many of us that have watched these things for a long while, know that just getting a reliable source for baby bond quotes is near impossible–and further getting them to load in a timely fashion is a royal pain in the ass (to be blunt).

For 14 years I have fought this problem and I finally believe I have it solved (maybe famous last words before it breaks again).

Anyway the page had an average load time of 10.8 seconds–really. Who the hell waits around for 10.8 seconds for the page to load? I can tell you 69% of the folks accessing this page don’t wait–what frustration.

As I have ‘clocked’ the page it is now loading in around 2 seconds which is about as fast as any page.

If a few readers could access the page here and let me know in the comments below if the page is fairly fast–or still painfully slow I would appreciate it. Sometimes what I see is not always the same as what you might see and feedback would be helpful.

Thanks for your help.

38 thoughts on “Baby Bond Listing Now Loading Fast”

  1. Hey Tim!

    I love everything about the site. It’s definitely on my Speed Dial for sure.

    In regard to this particular thread, yep, the Baby Bond Listing is loading fine. No problem-mo at all; however, on the next such list, would you please add a tab for Sorting by Price. I watch a lot of securities that are callable that are on the bubble +/- $25. And some that are not callable that are just a smidging above (or below) Par. I play all kinds of mind games with the price and the number of weeks of interest or dividends I am giving up when I pay so much above par, blah, blah, blah…….you get the picture? So, that Sort by Price is pretty important to me.

    That it! I love what you have here. God Bless You Dude!! Thanks for all that You do here.

  2. Hi Tim. I think it would be very useful to add a yield-to-worst column in the tables. That’s the most important yield measure in my respect.

    1. Hi Gabriele–I’ll play around with it and see what it does to performance. It is an intensive formula that recalcs each time it is loaded and tends to slow things down some.

  3. Tim – I opened the page @7:44am this morning. Popped right up in less than
    1 second. Thank you Sir.

  4. Zero, click page, count
    1000 1
    1000 2 loaded.
    Thank you for everything that you do for us!

  5. Loaded very fast. However, as the first comment said the ‘By Maturity’ sorted it by current yield (also a useful sort)

  6. The page loaded fast but when checking out the tabs, I noticed the “By Maturity” tab was actually sorting by the Current Yield and not by Maturity.

    1. Thanks Don L–yes I had to rebuild the sheet and forgot to change the sort direction–got it now.

  7. Baby bond site works good for me. I snuck over to your daily winners and losers chart. I dont look at it much because I stay in my own little tight trading world, but wow! Some of those dump type preferreds took an absolute beating today. And it wasnt just CBL either.
    I only infrequently look at the preferred outside my trading and holding world, but it looks like a few have really come off their peaks recently.

      1. Winning and losing in terms of preferred stock price movements depends on many variables often well beyond our control. But if intent is to buy for income stream one can definitely maximize chances of that being fruitful. And that indirectly leads to a less volatile price drop because fear of not getting the actual dividend has been mitigated. This in turn can eliminate precipitous price falls such witnessed by the CBL’s and JE’s preferreds of the world.
        Personally I will move around in similar credit rated profile preferreds to try to maximize buy/sell imbalances. But for most on mine the base floor starts with reliability and security of the preferred dividend payment. If that is stressed its a no go zone for me.
        Now those kind of issues that plummet at that point can be profitable carcasses to pluck meat from with astute investors. Unfortunately I dont have such skills, so I dont play there.

      2. Grid, If I’m not mistaken, I think Jim Wightman might be referring to your comment “I snuck over to your daily winners and losers chart.”

        I’m curious as well. I do not see that tab anywhere on the site. Are there some functions that are not available to all viewers of the site?


  8. Tim,
    Works great! Even toggling around was quick.
    Thank you for everything you do.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season.

    Leslie Joy.

      1. Thanks for this site Tim. It’s an invaluable resource, the people on here are great and I really appreciate the service and insights you provide.

        1. Franklin–when I can make something work right finally it is all the more fun to do.

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