7 thoughts on “B Riley Update Presentation”

  1. Tim-Do you still have B Riley baby bond in the high yield portfolio? I have 500 shares of the RILYG. Trading at a discount.

  2. thanks tim
    I own several of their bonds. plan to look this over
    what’s your thinking on these. still a good hold?


    1. Citadel–I knew they did work for commercial liquidations etc. I don’t think they do real estate per se.

  3. Thanks for the investor update from B Riley. For some reason, I just feel uncomfortable investing in the company, perhaps their operations are just a little too complex for me. However, one thing that helped to make my decision was their purchase of Magic Jack. I’m just not sure how viable that business will be in the next five years.

      1. Tim – that’s the same way I feel. It reminds me of a REIT called Colony Capital. The merged with NorthStar awhile back. Their operations are so complex and they have so many divisions, it made it hard to read the financial statements.

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