3 thoughts on “B Riley Financial Posts New Investor Presentation”

  1. Thanks Tim for posting this.

    300+% increase in share price since purchasing Magic-Jack in 2018. Its fascinating to see how far this company has come in such a small amount of time.

    1. Amen, Citadel.

      2 years ago this month, you and I were posting on the financials of RILY and the famed MagicJack. The MagicJack naysayers probably still have their noses up in the air in disbelief that it lives on. My MagicJack is still going strong, so I’m doing my part to keep RILY’s financials propped up. Pffft!

    2. Citadel–count me as one who has been skeptical of RILY–but it is hard to stay skeptical after a few years of great numbers.

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