Arbor Realty Reports Excellent Earnings

Mortgage REIT Arbor Realty (NYSE:ABR) reported excellent earnings this morning.

The company reported true GAAP earnings of 47 cents/share (adjusted funds from operations–AFFO–was less stellar at 29 cents/share)–the company pays a 27 cent/share quarterly common dividend so their coverage is good. On top of the 27 cent regular dividend they declared a special of 15 cents/share.

After ‘reinventing’ themselves a few years ago this mREIT has turned in better and better results. The company operates in the commercial mortgage arena with loan originating, and mortgage services.

ABR has 3 higher yielding perpetual preferreds outstanding–which went ex-dividend yesterday.

ABR-A is a 8.25% perpetual, ABR-B is a 7.75% perpetual and ABR-C is a 8.50% issue.

The A and B issues are now redeemable which keeps their price relatively close to $25–the C issue becomes redeemable later this month.

The companies earnings announcement can be read here.

5 thoughts on “Arbor Realty Reports Excellent Earnings”

    1. I am up 50% on the common plus a couple of years of dividends.

      I also had the preferred they called a year or so ago. Arbor has been one of my best investments. I don’t hold any now but was planning on picking some of their preferred up to replace my SBBC which was called.

  1. I bought a lot of the A preferred shares before the ex-dividend date. You could have bought it for par plus accrued dividend. I hope they don’t redeem any of the preferred issues

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