American Financial Group Prices Subordinated Debentures

As noted earlier today insurance company American Financial Group (AFG) is offering a new baby bond.

The investment grade rated issue has been priced at 5.125% with a maturity date in 2059.

The issue carries a BBB- from Standard and Poors and a Baa2 from Moodys.

There is no OTC Grey Market trading, but it might be available to you before big board trading if you call your broker with the CUSIP.

The pricing term sheet is here.

4 thoughts on “American Financial Group Prices Subordinated Debentures”

  1. Checked with FIDO. They said that they didn’t have any inventory, nor do they know when trading would start.

      1. There were 5 trades of 1+M shares ranging from $25.06 – $25.30. Those clearly have to be institutional traders. That already 5M out of 8M shares gone. Interestingly the low was $24.84 for 6,000 shares. That why I say the trading was fairly strong.

    1. Tell the Fidelity rep to enter the CUSIP in place of the stock symbol. I was able to buy something that “wasn’t available yet” when he did that.

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