Air Lease Preferred OTC Symbol

The new issue from Air Lease Corporation will trade under the OTC Grey Market ticker of ALSCP. We see that some of the issue traded today, but eTrade is not showing the trade price.

One thought on “Air Lease Preferred OTC Symbol”

  1. My view for what it is worth

    This is trading at 25.25 right now on 1.5m shares of volume. Really BB+ RATING, 6.15%, NON-CUMULATIVE. No way should this be trading here. Unfortunately this hurts the whole market because underwriters are being rewarded for mispricing and this has to effect future yields on new issues on the downside. Note : I am not talking about the business itself just the offering terms. Factor this in and this should be selling below par.

    Bad deal and a bad day for future new issues. That’s one mans opinion. To those buying it we each make our own decisions

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