12 thoughts on “AGNC Investment OTC Symbol”

  1. If you hold other AGNC issues this is an opportunity to consider an “upgrade”, more so if this is a buy-and-hold investment for you.

    At Friday’s close, AGNIP offered a YTC of 6.59% and a spread to LIBOR of 499 bps. AGNCM has a comparable yield to call of 6.46% but a much lower spread of 433 bps. AGNCN has a comparable spread at 511 bps but much lower YTC at 5.88%. All yields stripped.

    I don’t even consider AGNCB as it is past call, has a fixed rate and a high coupon, meaning it’s ripe for redemption. Redemption isn’t mentioned in the Use of Proceeds for the new issue but that is no bar.

    If your plan is to hold for the long term, switching from AGNCM or AGNCN to the new AGNCO, is a strong trade.

    If relative pricing stays the same after Monday’s XD I will be switching out my AGMCM for AGNCO. But I will need to recalculate on Monday.

  2. Bought at Fidelity $24.92 by calling the trading desk. They submitted the CUSIP# in place of the stock symbol and were able to submit the ticket.

  3. It’s now trading on TDA for $24.90. Had to enter the order over via the web site as it wasn’t showing up on Thinkorswim yet.

    1. This is confirmed. I had to call TDA and they fixed the problem while I was on the phone and I was able to buy through the web site at $24.90

    1. Which broker has it available already? Not available on Schwab or Merrill.

      I’m surprised it’s coming out below par.

      1. Got it on Schwab. Not trading yet on Fidelity. Right now priced at $24.85 on Schwab ($24.80 bid).

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