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Affiliated Managers Prices New Baby Bonds

Asset manager Affiliated Managers (AMG) has priced their previously announced $25 Jr Subordinated Notes.

The issue prices at 4.20%. It is investment grade. The ticker has not been announced–and being debt there is not OTC grey market trading.

This issues does allow for a deferral of interest payments for up to 20 consecutive quarters without the company being in default.

The pricing term sheet can be read here.

2 thoughts on “Affiliated Managers Prices New Baby Bonds”

  1. Preferred Pricicng is crazy. Would like to sell some preferreds at 27+ but where would I put the money. OPP-A which I own is a deal today. Wow!

  2. No wonder then that OPP-A is…can I say it out loud…par from 23.50?!
    Side o’beef in the freezer.

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