Aegon Funding LLC New Baby Bond Detail

Below are the details on the new investment grade note issue from Aegon Funding LLC.

The ticker has not been announced–and may not be before trading on the NYSE–if it is announced we will post it. There is no OTC Grey market trading so one will need to call their broker if interested in a purchase prior to exchange trading.

The pricing term sheet is here.

Note this issue is senior to common stock and to any junior subordinated debt but subordinated to any or future senior debt.

12 thoughts on “Aegon Funding LLC New Baby Bond Detail”

  1. For some reason, Schwab have also decided not to list this baby bond. First time I’ve encountered this. Can be bought using the CUSIP but I decided to pass if they are not going to show AEFC on their platform.

  2. the quote was 25.15 x 25.40

    I put in at 25.35 late and didn’t get filled which is a positive sign for higher prices tomorrow. Personally I’m not allowed to flip these anymore so short term action is kind of meaningless. But i did load up on new issue for ‘friends’

      1. Looks like the ticker is AEFC. But an alternative may be its parent, AEG, which is down 30% and considered one of the Dogs of the Dow. AEG pays 7.86%.

  3. Hello, what do you think about the situation with the new issue, are they going to call AEH?

    1. StockTrader–seems logical, but I have wondered for years why they haven’t redeemed. No mention in the prospectus that I see–but that means nothing–AEH is trading above 26–I wouldn’t be in it. It is redeemable only on a dividend payment date.

      1. It got pounded as you know was done to 25.66 wish w 22 cents accrued built in. On volume! Which is saying suspected call likely. BUT I see they cut it off at 900 mill and AEH is a Billion dollar pfd so maybe just maybe they don’t call yet or they do a partial or some form of ‘dutch’ auction. Always described as sharing the treat to me

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